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Safety is our top priority - this is our credo!

Safety means more than the production of reliable battery packs - safety is an overall attitude of Panasonic. Starting from the purchase, to the production and ends at the delivery to the customer.

What is Panasonic´s understanding of safety?

Safety means much more than the production of reliabe respectively secured battery packs. Safety is an overall attitude which starts by purchasing high quality raw materials for a save battery cell production, goes on with an excellent battery pack design and pack production and ends with a safety delivery of the finalized battery pack to the customer. In other words: safety is not a goal, safety is a continuous process!

Safe battery pack during the whole product life time

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Safe battery pack is a must (particularly for Li-ion as dangerous goods) regulated by global standards. However, we believe following the norm is not enough, only the minimum market requirement. So Panasonic has its own safety standard based on application and market usage condition. We, Panasonic, have a responsiblility to keep all customers safe over the product life time.

Safety is as well protecting our best asset: our employees

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A safe work environment allows best product safety. Panasonic set up concrete plans to promote a comfortable and safe workplace based on the most advanced and best practices. Its aim is to contribute to the welfare of the group’s employees. Equally, Panasonic gives careful consideration to the health and safety of the subcontractors’ employees who work full-time on Panasonic premises. Find out more about our Occupational Health and Safety management!