PAN9026 (88W8977)


The PAN9026 is a dual-band 2.4/5 GHz 802.11 a/b/g/n Wi-Fi radio module with integrated Bluetooth® BDR/EDR/LE, specifically designed for highly integrated and cost-effective applications. The simultaneous and independent operation of the two standards enables high data rates (802.11n) and low-power operation (Bluetooth® Low Energy). Furthermore, the module reduces design, test, and calibration effort, resulting in reduced time-to-market compared to discrete solutions.

Technical Specification


Performance characteristics

Order number ENWF9202A1EF (EU)
ENWF9208A1EF (Multi-region)
ENWF9209A1EF (No certification)
Production status Mass production
RF category Wi-Fi® Radio 2.4 GHz & 5.0 GHz 802.11 a/b/g/n; Bluetooth® 5.0 (BR, EDR, LE)
Software/profile i.MX RT series: MCUXpresso IDE
Linux driver
Used IC 88W8977
Rx sensitivity -98 @ 1M-DSSS
Tx power max +17 @ IEEE 802.11b
Antenna option Ceramic Antenna and bottom pad via SPDT switch
Size (l x w x h) [mm] 17.5 x 10.0 x 2.6
Power supply [V] 1.8 to 3.3
Power consumption Tx 175mA, 802.11b @11Mb/s (1.8V)
Power consumption Rx 65mA @802.11b (1.8V)
Power consumption sleep Power Down Mode: 150μA
Interfaces SDIO 3.0, HS UART, PCM
Speciality Multiregion certification in one PN
Integrated 32kHz Crystal
Small size
Certification EU CE RED / FCC / IC 
Operating temperature -30 to +85 °C
Standard packaging QTY 1000 pcs

Evaluation Boards

SDIO Adapter

  • PAN9026 module (US-variant)
  • SDIO host interface
  • U.FL connector
  • PCM Interface / GPIOs
  • Reset button
  • Power Management

MicroSD Adapter

  • PAN9026 module (US-variant)
  • MicroSD host interface
  • HS UART interface (only ENWF9201ACEF variant)
  • U.FL connector
  • Power Management
P/N Package includes Stock Search
ENWF9201AZEF 1x SDIO Adapter with PAN9026 - US BUY
ENWF9201AYEF 2x SDIO Adapter with PAN9026 - US BUY
ENWF9201AWEF  1x MicroSD Adapter with PAN9026-US BUY
ENWF9201AVEF 1x MicroSD Adapter with access to HS-UART pins with PAN9026-US BUY
ENWF9201AXEF 1× PAN9026 MicroSD Adapter
1× Wandboard WBIMX6U
1× MicroSD card (with pre-flashed Ubuntu image)
1× Adapter cable USB-A to DC 5.5/2.5 mm plug

Get Started!

This Kit shall demonstrate the Wi-Fi and Bluetooth application integration on a common host processor platform (NXPs i.MX6). The XFCE Desktop Environment has implemented all necessary Linux user space applications like DHCP-Server and Client, Web-Server, Terminal Emulator, Web-Browser, Network Manager, and Multimedia Control. For showing Wi-Fi based connectivity with PAN9026, known wireless configuration utilities like hostapd, wpa-supplicant, nl80211 netlink, and wireless extensions are part of the environment. The Bluetooth capability shown by the integrated BlueSDK stack is present by a A2DP Pulse Audio and a Low Energy Beacon application. There are two image versions available:

Demo Image

An Ubuntu Linux based environment is available to showcase all the different possibilities of the PAN9026 module, which also allows the user to experiment with the system using a graphical user interface. This environment is described in the Quick Start Guide. This image will be provided on the SD card with the kit.


Developer Image

Yocto Project Linux based environment is available to showcase the easy integration into a customer-specific build environment. This environment is described in the Development Guide. It is intended for experienced software engineers that want to get the PAN9026 module to work in their custom Linux-based host system.

Please request access to the Developer Image here.

NXP and Panasonic Industry - a golden cooperation

NXP Partner Program Gold Logo Panasonic Industry

Panasonic Industry is a Gold partner under NXP’s Ecosystem member program. The Gold partner status underlines a strong strategic alignment between our products and a shared mindset when it comes to offering our customers solutions that are one step ahead in the market.

i.MX RT and Wi-Fi® solutions from NXP and Panasonic - September 16, 2020

Listen to the online seminar to learn about the wireless connectivity modules from Panasonic and watch a demo of the PAN9026 Wi-Fi + Bluetooth combination module running on the i.MX RT1060 MCUs. Furthermore, get to know the advantages of coupling i.MX RT crossover MCUs with the Panasonic PAN9026 modules.


Name File type Size Date Language
PDF WM PAN9026 Flyer Flyer 750KB 15.06.2021 English
PDF WM PAN9026 Product Flyer Flyer, Leaflet 329KB 02.06.2020 English
PDF WM PAN9026 Product Specification Data sheet 2MB 18.03.2021 English


Name File type Size Date Language
PDF WM PAN9026 WLANipulator User Guide Software, Documentation 1MB 09.01.2023 English
PDF WM PAN9026 Software Guide Software, Documentation 931KB 02.06.2020 English
PDF WM PAN9026 Quick Start Guide Manual, QuickStart guide 2MB 02.06.2020 English
PDF WM PAN9026 Developer's Guide Manual, Manual - Engineering instruction 1MB 28.04.2023 English
PDF WM PAN9026 Design Guide Manual, Design Guide 4MB 02.06.2020 English
PDF i.MXRT With Panasonic 9026 WiFi module - Hands on Lab Guide Software, Documentation 2MB 30.03.2022 English


Name File type Size Date Language
PDF Report of Confirmation of EU RoHS (Wireless Modules) Environmental, RoHS 4MB 06.10.2023 English
PDF Report of Confirmation of EU REACh (Wireless Modules) Environmental, REACh 4MB 06.10.2023 English


Name File type Size Date Language
PDF Modules for a wireless world Whitepaper 795KB 24.07.2020 English
PDF Moving forward with Bluetooth Low Energy Whitepaper 1MB 24.07.2020 English
PDF Wireless Connectivity Product Leaflet Flyer, Leaflet 841KB 04.04.2024 English
PDF EV Charging Solutions from Panasonic Industry Catalog, Brochure 3MB 25.10.2023 English
PDF Building Automation - Energy Management Solutions Catalog, Brochure 1MB 01.03.2022 English