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GT02 touch terminal

The GT02 touch terminal with a compact and innovative 3.8" STN display for clear and vivid pictures.
GT02 touch terminal shadow


The GT02 offers a host of innovative functions and is also pleasing to the eye. The brilliant 3.8'' graphical touch display is illuminated by a maintenance-free 3-color LED backlight which comes in 2 variations: green/orange/red and white/pink/red. The first SD memory card slot in the three-inch class allows for easy screen data transfer, data logging and storage. A variety of other needs from manufacturing sites were also covered, including the connector location for efficient wiring, improved environmental resistance rated IP67, and a newly designed bracket for more secure fastening.

You can choose between 12 different models, which differ in:

  • communication interface (RS232C or RS422/RS485),
  • housing (pure black or hairline silver),
  • power supply (5V or 24V DC) and
  • SD memory card slot (with or without).

SD/SDHC memory card (GT02GQ2/MQ2)

Ultra compact HMI GT02 SD/SDHC memory card (GT02GQ2/MQ2) Panasonic Industry

The use of SD/SDHC memory cards makes copying screen data between GT02 terminals easy. You can also store firmware, PLC or GT program files, log files, etc. on the SD/SDHC memory card. The GT02 series supports SD/SDHC memory cards with a maximum of 32GB (class 10).

Logging function

HMI GT02 logging function Panasonic Industry

Values of Eco-POWER METERS and PLCs can be read and saved in CSV format on an SD or SDHC memory card. This function serves as a a data logger to, for example, monitor power consumption data of Eco-POWER METERS or collect production quantity and operation status data from PLCs so that the data can be used for preparing monthly reports or problem analysis reports. Using the improved line graph function, you can instantaneously and effectively display current data or logged data from SD/SDHC memory card.

Alarm history data

HMI GT series alarm history data Panasonic Industry

Alarm history data, which is stored in the GT built-in memory, can be saved on the SD/SDHC card allowing you to analyze problems easily via PC.

Mini USB interface

HMI GT02 mini USB interface Panasonic Industry

This model is equipped with a mini USB interface, allowing for fast data transfer without requiring a dedicated cable.

SD recipe function

HMI GT02 SD recipe function Panasonic Industry

For high-mix production, you can store hundreds of recipes on the SD/SDHC memory card. Via GT, you can specify which recipe data to write to or read from a PLC.

Through function

HMI GT series through function Panasonic Industry

Communication can be set to take place automatically between the COM and TOOL ports using the "through function". When the FP series tool software installed on the computer connected to the GT series is booted, PLC programs can be edited via the GT panel. The through function does not require any special settings and is always in standby mode.

Multi connection

HMI GT series multi connection Panasonic Industry

As a new feature, one GT02 unit can be connected to multiple PLC units. In combination with the GT link function, a centralized monitoring or remote function operation of multiple machines is possible from one location.

Key features

  • 3.8'' STN monochrome display
  • Resolution: 240x96 dots
  • Degree of protection: IP67
  • Mini USB interface
  • SD/SDHC memory card slot for cards up to 32GB, class10 max. (GT02MQ2/GQ2)
  • Dimensions: 112x74x27mm
  • Graph, recipe and flow display functions
  • Through function for simultaneous debugging of the GT and PLC
  • GT link function - up to 32 Panasonic HMIs can be connected to one PLC
  • Multiple PLCs - up to 31 Panasonic PLCs can be connected to one HMI
  • Data logging function
  • Isolated power supply for enhanced reliability


  GT02G GT02M
Rated voltage 5V DC / 24V DC
Screen size (W x H) 3.8" (88.5 x 35.4mm)
Display device STN monochrome LCD
Display color 2 colors (black/ white)
Resolution (W x H) 240 × 96 dots
Backlight 3-color LED backlight (green/orange/red) 3-color LED backlight (white/red/pink)
Number of characters 216
Memory capacity (F-ROM) 2048kB
External interface
Serial port RS232C / RS422 (RS485)
USB-port X X
Ethernet --
SD-memory card X X
Sound output jack --


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