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Dry batteries

With years of production experience to call on, Panasonic delivers best-in-class performance for battery technology parameters.
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Dry batteries are ideal for reliable performance in various applications

Panasonic's alkaline batteries are made from the same basic materials as zinc-carbon batteries, but deliver a generally higher performance on all criteria. These batteries can therefore power high performance; and standard applications. Both battery types are made in Europe and fulfill the highest quality standards.

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Alkaline batteries

Alkaline batteries - ideal for high performance standard applications

These batteries feature a steady, reliable energy provision, a long shelf life and a superior low temperature behavior.
Zinc-Carbon batteries

Zinc-Carbon batteries - for standard and cost sensitive applications

These batteries are ideal for applications which do not require high voltages but still require an excellent performance.
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What does an Alkaline battery look like inside?

This Panasonic video shows the inner working of an alkaline battery and gives an excellent overview of the battery materials (electrodes, gasket, insulator, poles, etc.). Watch our video!

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What does a Zinc-Carbon battery look like inside?

Battery: Zinc carbon Battery inside

This Panasonic 3D Graphic gives an insight into the inner working of a zinc-carbon battery and gives an excellent overview of the battery materials (electrodes, gasket, insulator, poles, etc.).

1 Paper plate

2 Insulator

3 Anode (zinc can)

4 Positive pole

5 Polyethylene gasket

6 Tube

7 Carbon stick

8 Cathode (manganese)

9 Negative pole

Alkaline handbook - Watch our new video!

This 36-page handbook contains detailed information about Panasonic's alkaline battery range and its technical product characteristics – which make it a remarkably versatile product group. The handbook not only explains the impressive characteristics with respect to storage life and thermal behaviour, but also describes in detail the production process, the battery construction, the battery labelling and the capacity of the cells. Have a look at our video!

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