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Grid-EYE evaluation kit

Evaluation kit for Grid-EYE sensor with PAN9520, ESP32 S2 based Wi-Fi module. Your aid in rapid prototyping and dataset acquisition.


Grid Eye Evaluation Kit

GridAI is the Panasonic Industry’s official evaluation platform for Grid-EYE sensor. The GridAI solution is comprised of the hardware GridAI-kit and GridAI-Xpress Software. Product designers can use GridAI solution for a range of tasks – from reading out Grid-EYE sensors to getting multi-modal data including multiple sensors (e.g., Camera, ToF, etc.) This kit can also act as an out-of-the-box data acquisition platform for engineers working on ML applications for Grid-EYE.


The hardware shipped from Panasonic Industry is based on classic Arduino form factor making the device easily accessible to hobbyists and product engineers. The GridAI kit contains:

  • Panasonic’s PAN9520 Evaluation Board
  • Grid-EYE sensor shield

Evaluation kit can be ordered on the basis of the lens type (36°, 60° or 90°). For ordering information, consider the table below. Using the versatile PAN9520 Wi-Fi module, the hardware also allows connecting a camera directly to the board, which leads to quick acquisition of synchronized time-stamped multi-modal data (visual domain using camera+ thermal domain using Grid-EYE. Please refer to XXX document for the latest list of supported cameras.


GridAI-Xpress software is a data acquisition solution to collect Grid-EYE or multi-modal data. Using the GridAI kit, the software allows user to quickly capture datasets either over USB or WiFi interfaces. The software provides intuitive visualization tools for working with infrared data – e.g. heat mapping, interpolation, etc. It also allows easy export of timestamped data (unimodal OR multi modal) in standard file format (i.e. .csv) More information on the software can be found on. 


Name File type Size Date Language
ZIP GridEYE Shield – PC – GridAIExpress - Standard Release Software 270MB 13.06.2023 English


Name File type Size Date Language
PDF Panasonic Grid-Eye Evaluation Kit: How to set up the Evaluation Kit Flyer 1MB English

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Grid-EYE Connectivity Kit

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