Discontinued relays / not for new application

Relay type Last time buy Pin-compatible Substitute
A     Contact us
CA1A-DC12V-A   X CA1A-12V-A-5
CA1A-DC12V-B     Contact us
CA1A-DC12V-C   X CA1A-12V-C-5
CA1A-DC12V-N   X CA1A-12V-N-5
CA1A-DC24V-A     Contact us
CA1A-DC24V-B     Contact us
CA1A-DC24V-C     Contact us
CA1A-DC24V-N     Contact us
CA1B-DC12V-B     Contact us
CA1B-DC12V-N   X CA1B-12V-N-5
CA...-D-... (with diode inside) 08/2014 X CA resistor types/ CA with external diode
CB...-D-... (with diode inside) 08/2014 X CB resistor types/ CB with external diode
CF     CT, CJ
(A)CJ2112-C 09/2015 X ACJ2112
(A)CJ2212-C 09/2015 X ACJ2212
CM 08/2010   Contact us
CM...-D-... (with diode inside) 08/2014 X CM resistor types/ CM with external diode
CR 11/2010   CQ
CV 08/2010   Contact us
CV...-1-... (with diode inside) 08/2014 X CV resistor types/ CV with external diode
CY 11/2010   CN-H, CN-M
DF     TQ2-/TQ2-L/TQ2-L2
DQ 09/2019   Contact us
DQM 09/2019   Contact us
DR     Contact us
DS2E-...-DC1.5V     Contact us
DS2E-M 08/2012 X DS2E-S
DS2E-R 08/2012   Contact us
DS2Y-S...-...-R 08/2012   Contact us
DS4...     Contact us
DS-BT     Contact us
DS Floc     Contact us
DX     Contact us
DZ 08/2017   Contact us
EP16... 08/2011   EP18...
HA     Contact us
HB     Contact us
HC 09/2018   None
HC2-SFD-K (2-pole) 03/2013   None
HC4-SFD-K, HC4-SFD-K custom products (1/2/4-pole, common) 03/2013   None
HC2K 08/2012   None
HG...- 08/2012   None
HG2-, HG3-, HG4- 08/2012   None
HJ 09/2018   None
HK 12/2013   None
HL 09/2018   None
HL DIN-rail socket HL2-SFD-K 12/2013   None
HN Not for new design   None
HN socket (old) 09/2019   None
HN socket (new) 2020   None
HP...- 08/2012   None
HP2-, HP3, HP4- 08/2012   None
HX     Contact us
HZ     Contact us
IC3 01/2015   Contact us
JA     JS1AB
JC...F- 08/2012   Contact us
JC1aF-S- 08/2011   Contact us
JC2aF-S- 08/2011   Contact us
JG     Contact us
JG-P     Contact us
JH     HE
JL     Contact us
JM 09/2016   Contact us
JQ 09/2021 X LQ
JR     LE
JS 09/2021   Contact us
JS-M 09/2021   Contact us
JT-N 09/2021 X JTV
JT-V 09/2021   Contact us
JV   X JV-N & JS
JY     Contact us
JZ     Contact us
K 08/2011   HC, HJ
LA 03/2020   None
LD... 09/2013 X LDP...
LE 09/2021   Contact us
LJ... 08/2012   LDP...
LK 08/2011 X LK-P, LK-T, LK-Q, LK-G
LKS1aF- 08/2012 X LK-P, LK-T, LK-Q, LK-G
LK-F 08/2012   Contact us
LK-G 09/2021   Contact us
LK-P 09/2021   Contact us
LK-Q 09/2021   Contact us
LK-T 09/2021   Contact us
LT-S 08/2012   LK-T
MC Mini-Contactor     Contact us
NC AC coil type 09/2013   Contact us
NF 08/2012   Contact us
NT     Contact us
PA 03/2017 X PA-N
PQ relay socket 09/2021   Contact us
R     Contact us
RG     Contact us
RK1- 08/2012   RS...
RM     RJ
RP1- 08/2012   Contact us
RX1... 08/2012   RN...
RXP1... 08/2012   RN...
RZ     Contact us
SF2   X SF2D
SF4   X SF4D
SX 08/2011 X TX-S AgPd contact type
TF     Contact us
TN2- 08/2013   GN2...
TQ4...- 08/2012   TQ2...-
TK1- 08/2012   GQ...-
TR     Contact us
TS     Contact us
TW     Contact us
TX2...-H-(self clinching type) 08/2011 X TX2-...
TX2SL- 08/2011 X TX2SA-
TXS2-...-H-(self clinching type) 08/2011 X TXS2-...
TXS2SL- 08/2011 X TXS2SA-
TXD2...-H-(self clinching type) 08/2011 X TXD2-...
TXD2...V6... 09/2013 X TXD2-...V-(Nil)-...
TXD2...V7... 09/2013 X TXD2-...V-1-...
TXD2SL- 08/2011 X TXD2SA-
TX2...-H-...-TH (self clinching type) 08/2011 X TX2-...-TH
TX2SL-...TH 08/2011 X TX2SA-...-TH
VC     Contact us
VS 08/2010   Contact us
WA Optical relay 03/2020   None