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Energy saving for devices and equipment is easy

With (Panasonic) Pyroelectric Infrared Motion sensors. (PaPIRs)

Environmental protection is a pressing issue, and demand for energy-saving features is growing

PaPIR Applications

People and businesses are searching for effective energy-saving measures as concerns grow around energy supplies and environmental protection. Is your equipment consuming energy when it’s not working? Connect them with Pyroelectric Infrared Motion Sensors (PaPIRs) to detect motion and turn off unused devices, to prevent wasting energy.


  • Restroom Lighting
  • Digital Signage
  • Air Conditioners and Air Purifiers
  • Printers
  • Vending machines
  • IP-Cameras
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Additional energy saving utilizing data from Pyroelectric Infrared Motion Sensors

In addition to automatically turning devices on and off, Pyroelectric Infrared Motion Sensors have recently been used with IoT devices to collect data tracking people’s presence by time and the flow of people. For example, by turning air cleaners off during times when the data suggests that not many people will be in the office, you can run equipment more efficiently and save energy.

We’d like to implement energy-saving features using sensors, but we have heard these comments…

  • It’s a hassle because the installation process could increase dramatically…
  • Software development and circuit architecture are difficult…
  • The devices probably won’t match the design of the equipment…
  • We are concerned about malfunctions and breakdowns…
  • We don’t know whether the required EMC strength can be achieved…​
  • It must be possible to adjust the detection range…

1. Easy installation! Integrated lenses!

PaPIR 1. Easy installation!

Peripheral circuit, sensor elements and lenses are all integrated into a single unit, so you can put them into use quickly after purchasing PaPIRs. You can reduce development time, development processes and costs.

2. High sensitivity achieved by using unique material and slit structure (approximately twice as sensitive as conventional products)

PaPIR 2. High sensitivity

For better insulation between four pyroelectric elements, we used a unique material for PaPlRs and made a slit in each pyroelectric element. Further, high sensitivity was achieved by ensuring that changes in infrared radiation are detected by each pyroelectric element.

3. Compact size and smart lenses that fit with the design of equipment

PaPIR 3. Compact size

The small pyroelectric element design shortens the optical focal length and reduces the size of the lens. A variety of lens shapes are available to work with the design of your equipment.

4. Variety in lineup. You can find the one that’s best for you.

PaPIR 4. Variety in lineup.

PaPIRs have a lineup with 15 types of lenses. You can choose the lens that best suits your application, such as wide-range detection, long-range detection, or detection of subtle movements. In addition to digital output, we also offer analog types with freely adjustable sensitivity as well as low-energy consumption types that are suited for battery-powered equipment.

5. Design-In Support Service​

customer support

We will find a solution for your:

  • Application
  • Required detection area
  • Point of installation
  • Installation height

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