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DP-0 pressure sensor

Simple and easy operation.

Simple & easy operation

Sensors Pressure DP-0 Simple & easy operation Panasonic Industry

Two levels of setting modes allow for easy configuration of all essential sensor functions.

The setting mode "RUN mode" gives access to the following settings: threshold value setting, zero point adjustment, and key lock / release. The "detailed setting mode" gives access to the following settings used for basic configuration of the DP-0:

  • Operation setting mode: Select either EASY mode, hysteresis mode, or window comparator mode
  • NO / NC setting mode: Select either NO or NC as the comparative output operation.
  • Response time setting mode: Select one of the response times available: 2.5ms, 25ms, or 250ms.
  • Display color setting mode: Select red or white as the comparative output ON / OFF display color and the normal display color.

Functional design

DP-0 pressure sensor Functional design Panasonic Industry

Black body for enhanced visibility of LCD display
The unit body is completely black to make the LCD display easier to see.

Firm and crisp clicking feel
The keys offer a firm and crisp clicking feel, thus making setting operations smooth and reliable.

Simple and highly visible display

Sensors Pressure DP-0 Simple and highly visible display Panasonic Industry

The LCD offers a wide viewing angle so the display is easy to see even from an oblique angle. The alphanumeric display (12-segment display), key lock mark and OVER mark further enhance the readability of display.

Pressure unit display:

  • Low pressure type: kPa,kgf/cm², bar, psi, mmHg
  • High pressure type: MPa,kgf/cm², bar, psi

Red or white selectable as display color

DP-0 pressure sensor Red or white selectable as display color Panasonic Industry

The display color can be selected from red or white in accordance with the output operation. Since the detailed setting mode display is pink (unchangeable), the status of the pressure sensor status can easily be recognized by the color of the display.

Compact & lightweight design

DP-0 pressure sensor Compact & lightweight design Panasonic Industry

Extra-short depth and light weight

The unit body measures only 24.9mm in depth, which makes it possible to install the sensor even in narrow spaces. The main unit weighs only about 25g, which means that mounting it on a moving part such as a robot arm increased the load only minimally.

Low Pressure Type and High Pressure Type Available

DP-0 pressure sensor Low Pressure Type and High Pressure Type Available

Two types to choose from according to applications

The low pressure type can be used with positive or negative pressure, while the high pressure type is suitable for positive pressure of up to 1 MPa.

  • DP-001 (low pressure type) is ideal for applications such as suction. There will be no misoperation due to a vacuum breakdown.
  • DP-002 (high pressure type) is ideal for applications where a reference pressure needs to be checked. It can also be used for simple suction applications
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DP-0 pressure sensor applications
  • Monitoring suction pressure on electronic components
  • Checking reference pressure

Order guide

Type Rated pressure range Model no. Pressure port Comparative output
Low pressure type -100.0 to +100.0kPa DP-001 M5 female thread NPN open-collector transistor
DP-001-P PNP open-collector transistor
High pressure type 0.000 to +1.000MPa DP-002 NPN open-collector transistor
DP-002-P PNP open-collector transistor


Type without connector-attached cable

To order the sensor without a connector-attached cable, add "-J" to the end of the model number listed in the table above. For example, a low pressure type sensor with PNP output and without connector and cable has the model number "DP-001-P-J".


CN-14A-C2 (Connector attached cable 2 m)


Product name Model no. Description
Connector-attached cable CN-14A-C1 Length: 1m 0.2mm² 4-core cab tyre cable with connector on one end Cable outer diameter: ø 3.7mm
CN-14A-C2 Length: 2m
Length: 3m
CN-14A-C5 Length: 5m
Connector-attached robot  cable CN-14A-R-C1 Length: 1m 0.2mm² 4-core flexible cab tyre cable with connector on one end Cable outer diameter: ø 3.7mm
CN-14A-R-C2 Length: 2m
CN-14A-R-C3 Length: 3m
CN-14A-R-C5 Length: 5m
Connector CN-14A Housing with 4 contacts
Sensor mounting bracket MS-DP1-1 For floor or ceiling mounting. Multiple sensors can also be mounted closely together.
MS-DP1-5 For wall mounting. Multiple sensors can also be mounted closely together.
Panel mounting bracket MS-DP1-8 For mounting on panels with a thickness of 1 to 3mm. Multiple sensors can also be mounted closely together.
Front protection cover MS-DP1-3 Protects the front side of the sensor (can be attached when the panel mounting bracket MS-DP1-8 is used)


Name File Type Size Date Language
ZIP 2D CAD for DP-0 CAD 99.7 KB 30.07.2015 English
ZIP 3D CAD for DP-0 CAD 616.7 KB 30.07.2015 English
PDF Brochure "Focus Automazione" Catalog, Shortform 3.1 MB 01.04.2022 Italian
PDF CN-14A Instruction Manual, MJEC-CN14A Manual 968.6 KB 01.06.2016 English
PDF CN-14A-C Instruction Manual, MJEC-CN14AC Manual 483.1 KB 01.06.2016 English
PDF Catálogo Resumen Sensores Data sheet 29 MB 28.04.2021 Spanish
PDF Data sheet DP-0 (from Japan) Data sheet 3.2 MB English
PDF Data sheet: Digital Pressure Sensor DP-0 Data sheet 3.2 MB 30.07.2015 English
PDF Digital Display Pressure Sensor Instruction Manual, CMJE-DP0 Manual 467.1 KB 01.06.2015 English
PDF Flyer DP-0 / EX-Z (from Japan) Flyer 952.6 KB English
PDF Panel Mounting Bracket for DP-0 Series Instruction, MJECK-MSDP18 Manual 181.3 KB 01.06.2015 English
Raccolta Applicazioni Sensori Data sheet 24.2 KB 20.12.2018 Italian
PDF Sensor Selection Guide for Packaging Industry Catalog 14.7 MB 12.07.2022 English
PDF Top seller - Automation products, 6215euen Catalog, Shortform 15.7 MB 04.05.2023 English
PDF Übersicht Topseller Automatisierungstechnik, 6215eude Catalog, Shortform 15.6 MB 24.04.2023 German