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Wireless Connectivity at Panasonic Industry

Panasonic solutions encompass a wide range of technologies, with a focus on helping design engineers increase their product’s speed-to-market.
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Wireless News

Read the latest news about our Wireless Connectivity modules and stay informed about our upcoming events.
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Product notices

Mesh networks as easy as never before

Panasonic Industry and Symbiotech release new Wirepas Mesh Demo Kit for BLE flagship module PAN1780, allowing IoT applications a groundbreakingly flexible setup of mesh networks
Distribution and retail

Ready for your ideas: BLE modules available on short lead times now!

Following Panasonic’s massive investments in stock, PAN1780, PAN1770, PAN1781 and PAN1782 Bluetooth® Low Energy modules are currently available within 14-16 weeks.
New product introductions

PAN1782 - the happy medium

New PAN1782 with 512 kB flash complements Panasonic's series of state-of-the-art BLE modules.
New product introductions

Unshield your ideas: New PAN1770 BLE module for radio-unfavourable applications

PAN1770 module solves the challenge of difficult housing conditions shielding radio waves
New product introductions

New antenna-less dual-mode module PAN1316C

Proven performance - and ready for a more flexible transmission: For applications with RF unfriendly housings, Panasonic Industry just launched the antenna-less PAN1316C
Application insights

Three chapters, step-by-step: Transmitting sensor data via PAN1781 BLE module (1/3)

A three part hands-on tutorial by our expert Tomislav Tipura on reading out Panasonic Industry’s PM sensor using our PAN1781 Bluetooth® Low Energy module and sending its data to a smartphone
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Announcements & Coming Soon

wireless connectivity wi-fi-6 PAN9019 module

Wi-Fi 6: PAN9019(A)

The PAN9019 is a dual band 2.4 GHz / 5 GHz Wi-Fi 6 companion module with integrated Bluetooth BDR/EDR/Low Energy (LE) and optionally 802.15.4 radio (PAN9019A Variant).
PAN W601-1x small transparent

Wi-Fi 6E: PAN W601-1x

The PAN W601-1x is a tri band 2.4 GHz, 5 GHz and 6 GHz Wi-Fi 6 companion module with integrated Bluetooth BDR/EDR/Low Energy (LE).
wireless connectivity bluetooth-low-energy PAN1783 module
Bluetooth Low Energy

LE Audio/Dual Cortex MCU: PAN1783

The PAN1783 is a Bluetooth 5.3 Low Energy (LE) module based on the Nordic nRF5340 single chip controller featuring isochronous channels and LE audio.
Bluetooth Low Energy

Next gen Bluetooth Module: PAN B511-1x

The PAN B511-1x is Panasonic's next gen Bluetooth 5.4 Module with a hybrid Castellated holes & LGA footprint design intended for cost-effective, high performance Bluetooth Low Energy applications.

Bluetooth & Wi-Fi module portfolio

Wireless Connectivity

Bluetooth® Classic modules

Since the first Bluetooth standard from 1999, many steps in technology have been made - making Panasonic's Bluetooth classic modules state-of-the-art.
wireless_bluetooth_low_energy teaser v2
Wireless Connectivity

Bluetooth® Low Energy modules

Bluetooth® Low Energy modules are optimized for low power consumption without loss of performance or range.
Wireless Connectivity

Wi-Fi® modules

Including Wi-Fi companion or embedded - Wi-Fi only or Bluetooth combo modules, Panasonic's Wi-Fi solutions offer a huge variety for different customer system architectures.

Further technologies & protocols

wireless_zigbee_thread teaser v2
ZigBee & Thread

IEEE® 802.15.4 modules

Meet the future: Panasonic mesh network solution modules
Matter Logo
Wireless connectivity

Matter modules

Next generation smart home: Developing Matter products with Panasonic modules

ANT logo teaser
Wireless Connectivity

ANT™ modules

ANT™ is a reliable ultra-low-power wireless protocol designed for the seamless transmission of information between devices robustly and flexibly.

Example Applications

wireless connectivity and outdoor monitoring
Wireless Connectivity

Outdoor Monitoring

Solar farms, agricultural land and other outdoor areas require connectivity solutions that are both reliable and intelligent.

Recommended Product: PAN1770
wireless connectivity and EV charging
Wireless Connectivity

EV Charging

The expected leap in charging infrastructure creates a particular focus on domestic AC wall boxes – which are to be equipped with state-of-the-art wireless connectivity.

Recommended Product: PAN9028
wireless connectivity and Heat pumps
Wireless Connectivity

Smart Heat Pumps

With wireless connectivity, heat pumps can be seamlessly integrated into existing home network for remote controlling and performance tracking.

Recommended Products: PAN9028, PAN9019(A)
Wireless Connectivity

PAN1780 Wirepas Mesh Demo Kit

The PAN1780 Wirepas Mesh Demo Kit allows IoT applications a groundbreakingly flexible setup of mesh networks.

Recommended Products: PAN1780, PAN1770
wireless-connectivity PAN1781 Cost-Effective-Sensor-Applications
Wireless Connectivity

Cost Effective Sensor Applications

Panasonic offers a cost-effective module that meets the requirements of applications that calls for a simple wireless link via Bluetooth.

Recommended Product: PAN1781
wireless connectivity medical devices
Wireless Connectivity

Medical Devices

Wireless connectivity plays an essential role for medical applications such as healthcare wearables or diagnostic devices.

Recommended Products: PAN178x and PAN90xx series
wireless connectivity development hub header logo
Wireless Connectivity

Application News Flash archive

Have a look at our Application News Flash archive for more application examples.

Wireless Connectivity Development Hub

Get all the technical information on evaluation and development with our wireless modules here!

Contents of the Wireless Connectivity Development Hub:

  • User Manuals for all evaluation tools
  • Downloadable schematics of the Evaluation Boards (EVBs) as reference design
  • Quick Start Guides for Software Evaluation
Go To Wireless Connectivity Delevopment Hub!
Wireless_Leaflet Panasonic Industry
Product portfolio overview

Wireless Connectivity Product Leaflet

To give you a short and comprehensive overview of our current product portfolio we have created a two-pager showing all our modules together with their most important technical data such as RF category, Rx sensitivity, maximal Tx output, power consumption and more. 

Get the Leaflet here!

Wireless Connectivity On-Demand online seminars

wireless connectivity panasonic industry avnet silica podcast
Aug. 2023

We Talk IoT: Meshing it up

Explore the power of wireless mesh networks, the invisible threads that seamlessly connect the devices in our IoT ecosystem.
wireless connectivity online seminar Element14 teaser

Learn how to connect an environmental sensor-to-app using Bluetooth 5

You will get to know the toolchain from the evaluation kit to the software tools to the app. We will show you how you can easily read out data from environmental sensors with the PAN1781 and more.
wireless connectivity online seminar Element14 teaser

Next Gen Wi-Fi embedded modules for smart home CCTV applications

Learn about the PAN9520, its extensive features and how to get started in terms of hardware and software tools. We will also show you the possibilities of the PAN9520 for Smart Home CCTV applications.
Wireless Connectivity Video Web teaser Access IoT Panasonic Industry

Access IoT 2021 on-demand online seminar

This year’s Access IoT focused on modern short range connectivity in smart applications from different perspectives.
Wireless Connectivity Video Web teaser Healthcare Panasonic Industry

Designing healthcare devices with 5Ghz and WPA

Learn about the PAN9026, a WiFi 4 Dual Band and Bluetooth module, its frequency bands and the supported security standards!
Wireless Connectivity Video Web teaser i.MX-RT Wi-Fi solutions Panasonic Industry

i.MX RT and Wi-Fi® solutions from NXP and Panasonic

Learn about how to combine the PAN9026 with NXP's i.MX RT series.
Wireless Connectivity Video Web teaser Access IoT Panasonic Industry

Access IoT 2019

Panasonic's first version of Access IoT conference discussing the latest developments in short range connectivity.

Get the latest wireless connectivity news.

Wireless connectivity Panasonic Industry
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Our wireless connectivity chip partners

logo wireless nordic semicon

Nordic Semiconductor

Beginning in 2019, this is only the start of the newly formed partnership between Panasonic and Nordic Semiconductor.
logo wireless nxp partner


The cooperation bewteen NXP and Panasonic, started in 2017, led to the formation of a gold partnership in 2020.
logo wireless texas instruments

Texas Instruments

With more than 10 years of partnership, Texas Instruments is a trusted supplier and partner for the Bluetooth modules of Panasonic.
logo wireless dialog semicon

Dialog Semiconductor

For more than 7 years Panasonic and Dialog Semiconductor have been working together to develop small and low power wireless modules.
wireless connectivity partner espressif teaser


With Espressif, Panasonic gained a successful partner to expand its product portfolio with embedded WiFi solutions.

Panasonic Industry Europe is a Gold partner of NXP

NXP Partner Program Gold Logo Panasonic Industry

Panasonic Industry is now NXP’s Gold partner under its Ecosystem member program. We are proud to be part of NXP’s global network of innovative engineering companies that are recognized leaders in their areas. This Gold partner status does not only underline that NXP ICs immaculately suit the needs of our Wireless Connectivity products, it also refers to a strong strategic alignment and a shared mindset when it comes to offering our customers solutions that are one step ahead in the market.


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PDF Modules for a wireless world Whitepaper 795KB 24.07.2020 English
PDF Wireless Connectivity Product Leaflet Flyer, Leaflet 841KB 04.04.2024 English
PDF Moving forward with Bluetooth Low Energy Whitepaper 1MB 24.07.2020 English
PDF EV Charging Solutions from Panasonic Industry Catalog, Brochure 3MB 25.10.2023 English
PDF WM PAN9028 Wallbox Flyer Flyer 769KB 19.08.2022 English
PDF Wireless connectivity for medical devices Flyer 2MB 22.08.2023 English

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