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EZ-10 particular use sensor

Water detection sensor.

Water detection sensor

These special thru-beam sensors are used for checking fluid levels and detecting the level of liquids containing water. The particularly strong IR beam of the emitter penetrates not only transparent, but also semitransparent or coloured containers such as PFA packages or shampoo bottles. The sensitivity of the sensor is adjustable, which allows foam to be distinguished from liquid in drinks, for example.


  • Suitable for coloured and semitransparent containers or packages
  • Not affected by droplets, air bubbles or foam
  • Compact design
  • Short-circuit protected
  • Light ON/dark ON
  • Sealed to IP67
  • M8 plug-in or cable connection (-J)



  • Slit masks
  • Mounting brackets


NPN output EZ-11 (-J)
PNP output EZ-11-PN (-J)
Sensor type Thru-beam
Rated sensing distance Max. 5m
Sensing range 0 - 5m
Standard detectable object Liquid with water molecules (in transparent or semi-opaque containers, min. Ø >/= 2mm
Hysteresis --
Response time Max. 12ms
Output transistor Max. 100mA
Emitting diode Infrared LED
Rated current consumption without load Emitter: max. 25mA,  Receiver: max. 25mA
Housing material Plastic
Protection IP67
Physical size (HxWxL) 31 x 12 x 20mm
Connection method M8 connector (-J) or cable 2m
Operating voltage 12 - 24V DC (± 10%)
Usable ambient temperature 0°C to +55°C
Weight (approx.) Emitter: 45g;  Receiver: 50g


Sensors EZ-10 particular use sensor applications Panasonic Industry
  • Fluid level monitoring
  • Detection of oil/water level
  • Detection of liquids


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