Designed for small and individual series

LC-3000 series for Panasonic Laser Marking Systems

Offering the flexibility for customized integrations

For manual operation in laser protection class 1, we offer turnkey and custom-fit workstations for small and individual series. There are numerous possibilities for expanding the workstation to adapt it the needs and workflows of the customer.

Model variations

The compact and ergonomic LC-3000 workstation can be flexibly equipped to handle a wide variety of marking tasks. A wide variety of models guarantee a broad spectrum, and feature for the following equipment:

Standard with laser in fixed position
X-Y-Z axis shift
360° solution rotation axis
Rotary indexing table
Special solution

Numerous marking options

The Workstation LC-3000 offers maximum flexibility when marking components with different dimensions across a large marking range. The easy-to-use, customizable software can be used to control all axes and numerous different functions. All settings can be saved, and multiple components in the marking area can be marked in a single pass. The various models are suitable for all industries, and can handle any number of marking tasks.


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