Electromechanical and semiconductor relays panasonic industry

HE series high power relays

Up to 120A high power relays for PCB mounting.

A portfolio of high power PCB relays from Panasonic

Thanks to latest relay technology, Panasonic is enabling customers to use PCB-mount devices in high current applications. This contributes to considerable savings, financially and in terms of energy consumption.

Key features

  • Switching current ≤120A AC (HE-N)
  • Switching voltage ≤1000VDC (HE-V)
  • Galvanic separation large contact gap
  • Extremely low contact resistance
  • Low coil power dissipation
  • Temperature range: -40 to +85°C
  • Conform to UL and VDE further approvals on request
  • De-Electric strength and protection against surge voltages

All HE relay types at a glance

HE-V relay: 1 Form A relay with 1000V DC, 20A cut-off capability

- High DC switching in compact housing
- Low coil-holding power of 210mW
- High surge withstand voltage of 10000V

HES relay series

- 35A, 277V AC
- Coil-holding power 170mW
- Mirror contact mechanisms according to IEC 60947-4-1

HE-N series

High capacity 120A / 480V AC 1 Form A power relay.


Name File type Size Date Language
PDF Whitepaper HE Relays Whitepaper 5MB 10.12.2020 English
PDF Data sheet HE Data sheet 634KB 01.04.2022 English
PDF Data sheet HE-N Data sheet 454KB 01.04.2022 English
PDF Data sheet HE -PV Data sheet 238KB English
PDF Data sheet HE-S Data sheet 481KB 01.04.2022 English
PDF Data sheet HE-V Data sheet 480KB 01.04.2022 English
PDF EV Charging Solutions from Panasonic Industry Catalog, Brochure 2MB 07.03.2022 English


Wind turbines, solar panels, energy lines Panasonic Industry
  • Photovoltaic
  • Wind Energy
  • Industrial Motor Control

Battery storage

Wind turbines, solar panels, battery energy storage Panasonic Industry
  • Uninterruptable Power Supply
  • Energy Self-Sufficient Housing

EV Charging

EV chraging, car charging station, electric vehicle Panasonic Industry
  • Charging Cable
  • AC/DC Wallbox
  • AC/DC Charging Station

Product Range

Series HE-V HE-S HE-Y5 HE-Y6 HE-N (Y7)
Switching current 20A DC 35A AC 48A AC 90A AC 120A AC
Dimensions 41x50x39,4mm 30x36x40mm 38x33x36,3mm 38x33x38,8mm 50x40x43mm
Holding power* 210mW 170mW 310mW 310mW 400mW
Contact gap 3.8mm 3.2mm 2.5mm 3.0mm 3.6mm

*with reduced coil holding voltage

HE-S unique relay structure

HE-S power relay unique relay structure Panasonic Industry

1FormB mirror contact compliant with EN60947-4-1 for safety circuits, conform to EN61851-1.

DC load performance

HE-S pwer relay DC load performance

Conditions : resistive load, electrical expected life of 104 cycles (reference value)

  1. HE-S: Each 1 Form A contact connected in series