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HG-T laser thru-beam sensor for measurements

Highly precise and stable measurements.
HG-T laser thru-beam sensor for measurements shadow

Highly precise and stable measurements

The laser thru-beam sensor of the HG-T series works with a belt-shaped laser beam with a height of 10mm for measuring an area, e.g. for checking the contours of an edge.

The sensor achieves a repeatability of < 1µm and has a linearity of less than ± 12µm over the whole measurement range.

The thru-beam sensor has a sensing range of 500mm, which means that a larger variety of applications can be realized than with sensors with a shorter sensing range.

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Flexible mounting

HG-T Flexible mounting Panasonic Industry

The HG-T series comes with two different sensor heads, which only differ in their dimensions. The slim type is 10mm less wide than the standard type and fits well into machines with very limited space.

Standard type:

  • Emitter: 8 x 30 x 60mm (W x D x H)
  • Receiver: 8 x 30 x 60mm (W x D x H)

Slim type:

  • Emitter: 8 x 30 x 60mm (W x D x H)
  • Receiver: 8 x 20 x 60mm (W x D x H)

The optional side view mirror makes it possible to deflect the beam by 90°.

To speed up commissioning, the sensor heads are equipped with a beam alignment function. The sensor heads are easy to mount by plugging them into the controller. The controller automatically detects whether the emitter and receiver have been connected correctly.

Electric features

The controller is equipped with a current voltage output by default. The output type can be selected according to the application requirements. External inputs allow users to control laser emission, reset the device, or save data during the process. The controller supports high-speed sampling and realizes a frequency of up to 2kHz.

Excellent performance

Thanks to functions like filters, edge detection, light intensity checks and averaging of measurement values (up to 1024), the measurements are very reliable. These functions help you to detect at an early stage when the measuring process does not run smoothly anymore and the system needs to be modified.

Easy installation of multiple sensors

The master-slave system makes it easy to connect up to 15 sensors in series. Another feature increasing ease-of-use is the possibility to copy settings from the master to the slave units. An LED indicates when copying is in progress.


Sensors Measurement HG-T applications Panasonic Industry
  • Guiding the sheet edge of battery electrodes
  • Checking diameter and position of threads or wires
  • Detection of wafers stacked on top of each other
  • Guiding of translucent films
  • Measuring of drill holes in motor components
  • Measuring the thickness of materials such as films or textile webs
  • Highly precise measuring and checking of web edges
  • Glass substrate positioning
  • Measuring of diameters

Sensor head

Type Measurement center distance and measuring range Sensing range Repeatability Model No.
Standard type 10mm 500mm 1µm HG-T1010
Slim type HG-T1110


Sensor head connection cable

The sensor head connection cable has to be ordered separately.

Description Length Model No.
Connection cable from the sensor head to the controller (sensor consists of emitter and receiver) 2m CN-HT-C2
5m CN-HT-C5
10m CN-HT-C10
20m CN-HT-C20


Type Output Model No.
Master unit High-performance type with analog current / voltage output NPN HG-TC101
Slave units High-performance type NPN HG-TC111
Wire-saving type  - HG-TC113


Sensors Measurement HG-T Option Panasonic Industry
HG-TSV10 Side view mirror for deflecting the laser beam
SC-HG1-USB USB communication unit for HG-T series

Sensor head

Type Standard type Slim type
Model No. HG-T1010 HG-T1110
Compatible controller HG-TC101 (-P), HG-TC111 (-P), HG-TC113
Position detection method CMOS based
Applicable standards EMC Directive, RoHS directive, FDA regulations
Measurement range (width of laser belt) 10mm
Sensing range (installation distance) 0 to 500mm
Beam source Red semiconductor laser, class 1 (IEC/JIS/GB/FDA) Max. power of the emitting element 0,3mW, laser wavelength 655nm
Repeatability 1μm (installation distance: 20mm) 2.5μm (installation distance: 100mm) 5μm (installation distance: 500mm)
Linearity ±0.12% F.S. (installation distance: 20mm) ±0.28% F.S. (installation distance: 100mm)
Object to be sensed Min. ø 0.5mm (installation distance: 500mm)
Operation indicator Emitter Laser emission indicator (green)
Receiver Beam-axis alignment indicator (orange / green), judgment output indicator (orange / green) Judgement output indicator (orange / green)
Environmental resistance Degree of protection IP67 (IEC) -
Ambient temperature Operation: -10 to +45°C (no condensation or ice)
Storage: -20 to +60°C
Ambient humidity Operation: 35 to 85% RH Storage: 35 to 85% RH
Insulation resistance Min. 20MΩ at 250V DC
Vibration resistance 10 to 500Hz frequency, 1.5mm double amplitude in X, Y and Z directions for two hours each (maximum acceleration 196m/s²)
Shock resistance 1960m/s² acceleration in X, Y and Z directions three times each
Grounding Capacitor grounding
Material Housing: Die-cast aluminum, light emitting and receiving surfaces: Glass
Cable 4-wire cable with connector, 0.2m (not included in delivery)
Weight Net weight: Emitter 30g approx., receiver 30g approx. Net weight: Emitter 30g approx., receiver 30g approx.


Type Master unit Slave unit
High-performance High-performance Wire-saving
Model No. NPN output HG-TC101 HG-TC111 HG-TC113
PNP output HG-TC101-P HG-TC111-P
Compatible sensor head HG-T1010, HG-T1110
Number of connectable units Up to 15 slave units can be connected per master unit.
Supply voltage 24V DC ±10%, including ripple 0.5V (P-P)
Current consumption (note 2) Max. 100mA (when sensor head is connected)
Analog output Current output (note 3) Current output range: 4 to 20mA / F.S. (default value)  
Error output: 0mA
Linearity: ±0.25% F.S.
Load impedance: max. 250Ω
Voltage output Voltage output range: 0 to 5V / F.S. (default value)  
Error output: 5.2V  
Linearity: ±0.05% F.S.  
Load impedance: max. 250Ω  
Control output (output 1, output 2, output 3) NPN output type
  • NPN open collector transistor
  • Max. current: 50mA (note 4)
  • Applied voltage: max. 30V DC (between output and 0V)
  • Residual voltage: max. 1.5V (at 50mA)
  • Leakage current: max. 0.1mA

PNP output type:

  • PNP open-collector transistor
  • Max. current: 50mA (note 4)
  • Applied voltage: max. 30V DC (between output and +V)
  • Residual voltage: max. 1.5V (at 50mA)
  • Leakage current: max. 0.1mA
Short-circuit protection Incorporated (automatic reset type)
Judgment output NO / NC switching method
Alarm output Open when alarm occurs
External input (input 1, input 2, input 3) NPN output type
  • Non-contact input or NPN open-collector transistor
  • Input conditions: invalid (+8V to +V DC or open), valid (0 to +1.2V DC)
  • Input impedance: approx. 10kΩ

PNP output type:

  • Non-contact input or PNP open-collector transistor
  • Input conditions: Invalid (0 to +0.6V DC or open), valid (+4V to +V DC)
  • Input impedance: approx. 10kΩ
  Trigger input Input time min. 2ms (ON)
  Laser emission stop input Input time min. 20ms (ON)
  Preset input Input time min. 2ms (ON)
  Reset input Input time min. 20ms (ON)
  Bank input A / B Input time min. 20ms (ON)
Sampling cycle 1ms (standard sampling) / 0.5ms (high-speed sampling)
Averaging (selectable) 1 time (2ms), 2 times (3ms), 4 times (5ms), 8 times (9ms), 16 times (17ms), 32 times (33ms), 64 times (65ms), 128 times (129ms), 256 times (257ms), 512 times (513ms), and 1024 times (1025ms)
Display resolution 0.1μm
Display range -199.9999 to 199.9999mm
Degree of pollution 2
Altitude Max. 2000m
Degree of protection IP40 (IEC)
Ambient temperature Operation: -10 to +50°C (no condensation or ice); Storage: -20 to +60°C
Ambient humidity 35 to 85% RH, at storage: 35 to 85% RH
Insulation resistance Min. 20MΩ with 250V DC megger between all supply terminals connected together and enclosure
Voltage withstandability 1000V AC for one minute between all supply terminals connected together and enclosure
Vibration resistance 10 to 150Hz frequency, 0.75mm amplitude in X, Y and Z directions for two hours each
Shock resistance 98m/s² acceleration (10G approx.) in X, Y and Z directions five times each
Material Case: polycarbonate, cover: polycarbonate, keys: polyacetal
Cable 0.2mm² 2-core cable (brown and blue lead wires) / 0.15mm² 7-core composite cable, 2m long 0.15mm2 7-core composite cable, 2m long
Weight (approx.) 140g 140g 60g



  1. Where measurement conditions have not been specified precisely, the conditions used were as follows: supply voltage 24V DC, ambient temperature +20°C
  2. Current consumption does not include analog current output
  3. Linearity F.S. = 16mA, and is linearity with respect to digitally measured values
  4. When slave units are connected to the master unit, the maximum sink current / source current of the control output and ambient temperature vary depending on the number of connected slave units.


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