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ASQMR diagnostic micro switch

Easy and reliable failure mode detection by integrated resistors.
ASQMR diagnostic micro switch hero

Resistor-based detection of lead wire break and short circuit

Operational safety is a matter of reliable components – with contemporary and integrated monitoring, respectively detecting functions to prevent applications from crucial failures. The new ASQMR series of IP67 micro switches now allows the easy detection of lead wire break or short circuit via an installed chip resistor, which sets different output voltage levels for normal versus failure mode.

Key features

  • Contact form SPST
  • Soldering or fork terminal
  • Silent operation with sliding contact
  • Long stroke
  • Excellent shock and vibration resistance
  • Waterproof – IP67 degree of protection
  • 2012 chip resistor (0.5W 70°C)
  • Insertion lever with high reset force
  • Smallest diagnostic switch on the market


Application car interior
  • Hood latch
  • Door latch und seat detection
  • Charging lid

Industrial Automation

Application industrial automation
  • Actuator failure detection
  • Emergency stop
  • Safety functions

Building Automation

IP camera
  • Alarm equipment
  • Safe window monitoring
  • Safe door monitoring

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