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SF2C safety light curtain

Ultra-slim safety light curtain with LED indicators, Type 2.

Ultra-slim safety light curtain with LED indicators, Type 2

The compact safety light curtains with a thickness of only 13.2mm come in an ultra light polycarbonate enclosure. They are available as a hand protection type with a beam pitch of 20mm, allowing you to detect objects as small as 25mm in diameter. The light curtains are delivered with a 3-meter cable and mounting brackets (MS-SFC-1).


  • Easy beam axis alignment due to large aperture angle
  • Less mounting effort due to reduced wiring
  • Slim size for compact applications
  • Very lightweight due to polycarbonate  enclosure
  • Optimum small width of only 13.2mm
  • Interference prevention output
  • IP67 protection
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Metal protection case
Applicable beam channels (2 pcs. per set for emitter and receiver)
SF2C-H_ Model No.
12 MS-SFCH-12
16 MS-SFCH-16
20 MS-SFCH-20
24 MS-SFCH-24
28 MS-SFCH-28
32 MS-SFCH-32


Control unit
Designation Model No. Description
Slim control unit SF-C13 Connection to the light curtain with a discrete wire. Relay output available. Compatible with up to control category 4 (control category 2 when used together with the SF2C series).


SF2C safety light curtain applications Panasonic Industry
  • Protection against malfunction caused by extraneous light
  • Protection against mutual interference thanks to interference prevention


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