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FX-500 photoelectric sensor

The industry’s leading fiber amplifier in sensing performance.
Photoelectir sensor FX-500 / FX-550 / FX-550L shadow

The industry’s leading fiber amplifier in sensing performance

Thanks to its new “application-specific integrated circuit” (ASIC), Panasonic can solve applications with fiber optic sensors that were previously impossible. Not only can the FX-500 reach a response time of 25µs while providing extremely accurate detection, integrated logic functions save you money because external controllers are no longer needed for normal applications and threshold tracking and self-diagnostic functions save time for maintenance. Moreover, the reliability of the detection has increased by 75% compared to that of previous models.

The customer can choose between digital output types with one or two outputs, or an analog output type.


  • One 4-digit green, one 4-digit red LCD display
  • Copy settings via optical interface
  • Decreased variations among amplifiers
  • Input for external settings, i.e. threshold value (not available for FX-501)
  • Up to 8 settings can be saved and loaded (data bank)
  • Logical calculation functions
  • Light intensity and gain setting for transparent object detection
  • Threshold tracking
  • Self-diagnosis output
  • Display easy readable at angles of up to 60°
  • Superior quality fibers (listed in the FX-500 brochure)


  • Quick connection cables in lengths of 1, 2 or 5m
  • End plates
  • Protection cover
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  • Counting of IC pins
  • Check crimping
  • Glass substrate sensing


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