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PANATERM configuration software

PANATERM is a freeware tool for configuring all servo motors and servo drivers from the MINAS series.

Setup with PANATERM software via USB

All Panasonic servo drives can be set up with our free software PANATERM via USB. Set all driver parameters and monitor important data such as position, speed and torque.

For MINAS AC servo motors & drive amplifiers

Panasonic Industry PANATERM configuration software for servo drives Panasonic Industry

PANATERM assists users in making parameter and control settings as well as creating and analyzing data tables during operation. The software can be installed on any commercially available personal computer. The connection to the MINAS series is established via the USB port.

Setup and basic functions

Servo drives software PANATERM setup and basic functions Panasonic Industry
  • Auto-tuning
  • Gain adjustment and inertia ratio measurement
  • Line graph display
    The line graph diagram shows command and current velocity, torque, and the tracking error.
  • Display of the absolute encoder settings
  • Parameter setting
    After a parameter has been defined on the screen, it will immediately be sent to the driver. Frequently used parameters can be listed separately in a second display.

Monitoring function

Servo drives software PANATERM monitoring function Panasonic Industry

Parameters and status can be monitored, e.g. operation mode, speed, torque, error and warning. overview of command/feedback pulses, load ratio, regenerative resistive load ratio and many more.

Analysis of mechanical operation data (frequency analysis)

Frequency characteristics of a machine can be measured for display in a Bode diagram.