Laser marking in practice

The industries in which laser marking is used are just as varied as the materials that can be marked. With laser marking, durably abrasion-resistant and clearly legible markings can easily be applied to many materials. And there are no consumables with laser marking. In addition, laser marking systems require comparatively little maintenance.

Laser_Marker Automotive


Automated production lines are the foundation on which sustained success in the auto industry is built. All components must be extremely efficient and durable. Panasonic’s laser systems are extremely reliable in laser marking, e.g. when it comes to ensuring the traceability of individual components. The ability to mark a wide variety of products is also of fundamental importance in the automotive industry; this need is addressed using fiber lasers and CO2 lasers for marking solutions.


Laser_Marker Electronics


Industries subject to rapid change and which retain customers by offering high productivity are especially dependent on innovative solutions. Panasonic’s Laser Marking Systems have been used successfully for decades for the production and marking of a wide variety of electronic elements. Whether in the area of relay solutions, sensors, laser diodes, IC cases or PCBs: What's needed is sensitive, high-precision work and high-contrast markings with tight spatial tolerances. Now it is possible to do both, rapidly and with remarkably high quality, thanks to Panasonic’s fiber laser markers and CO2 laser marking solutions.


Laser_Marker Tool Making

Tool making

There are compelling solutions available for even the hardest materials. Panasonic’s fiber laser markers in particular are destined to impress in tool making applications thanks to their power and ability to withstand harsh environmental conditions. This makes the LP-S series especially well-suited for high-speed marking and deep engraving of metal. These types of methods come into play in the manufacturing and labeling of gears, connecting pieces, chains, fittings, drill bits, as well as medical instruments. Black marking, for which Panasonic has developed their first-class Laser Marking Systems, also plays a key role in the toolmaking industry.


Laser_Marker Pharma


It must be possible to seamlessly track pharmaceutical product production chains. Panasonic’s LTF-C technology has been developed for marking glass. This technology enables individual marking of sensitive primary packaging on which production data is recorded, for instance. This method can be used to foil counterfeit products. The machine-readable data matrix code machined onto hypodermic syringes represents one of the technical challenges faced by the pharmaceutical industry. Permanent marking without particulate residue can be accomplished using Panasonic’s marking solutions. Their excellent legibility is also very impressive.


Laser_Marker Packaging


Panasonic’s high-quality CO2 laser markers are designed for industrial applications subject to particularly high demands in terms of speed and functionality. When machining and labeling PET bottles, packaging bags or rubber seals, you will usually be dealing with high production line speeds. As used in the packaging industry, our Laser Marking Systems come equipped with an encoder interface. This makes it possible to perform marking on-the-fly at line speeds of up to 240 m/min. It is also possible to synchronize the marking and flying speed.


Laser_Marker Special Solutions

Special solution

Not only in industries such as automotive, electronics, toolmaking and pharmaceuticals: We find the right solution for almost any conceivable application. Precision work is in demand in applications like the machining of jewelry, watches, medals and coins, as well as the manufacture of chain sprockets for cycling and high-security applications like personalizing ID cards, passports and credit cards. We offer not only laser marking on any kind of material, but also realize the cutting of multilayer films with the so called kiss cutting method. This method can be used to produce labels. Panasonic has the right laser system for many laser marking applications.


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