xEV market leader with decades of experience

DC Link capacitors graphic

Panasonic is the #1 supplier of custom DC-Link capacitors in the xEV market.

We are able to support customers’ global production strategies through manufacturing facilities in Europe, Japan and China.

Besides full custom parts, a range of standard film DC-Link capacitors is also available. Please contact us for more information.


DC Link capacitors products

Miniaturization and enhanced safety benefits delivered by the polypropylene film and fine-patterned metallization technology ensure the high performance of Panasonic’s DC-Link products.

  • Safety and reliability are ensured by our fine patterning and heavy edge metallized film technology
  • Fine patterning improves self-healing by withstanding increased heat and voltages to a higher level.
  • With these unique features, Panasonic’s products achieve a long lifetime and high reliability.


DC Link capacitors Downsizing
  • Panasonic is continuously developing thin film technology with better voltage withstand capabilities to achieve further downsizing. ​
  •  Significant benefits include less weight, less energy consumption and higher efficiency for the end customer.​