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Graphite PAD

Graphite-PAD enable to fill the big gap and transfer the heat from heat generation devise such as IC
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Features and structure of the Graphite-PAD

  • Graphite-PAD is a high-performance Thermal Interface Material (TIM), with the best thermal conductivity and compressibility in thermal PAD market.
  • High thermal conductivity out-of-plane (Z-axis) of 13 W/mK by vertical-oriented graphite powder filled in the silicon resin.
  • Low Shore hardness (type E) of 25 and high compressibility of >60% supporting the flexibility of thermal design.
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Specific usage example

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Excellent flexibility for designing.


  • Base station
  • Power control unit


Characteristics Unit Test method / condition Target value
Hardness Type E ASTM D2240 25
Volume Resistance*1 Ω・cm   4 X 105
Thermal Conductivity*2 W/mK ASTM D5470, 50kPa 13
Application Temp. Range °C   -40 to + 150
Thickness mm   0.5,1.0,1.5,2.0,2.5,3.0

*1 Graphite TIM is an electrically conductive material.
   The component should only be applied to place where no electrical insulation is needed.
*2 Measuring device: TIM Tester (ANALYSIS TECH, ASTMD5470 compliant)

Please refer to our product catalog for detail specifications.

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