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Alkaline batteries

For decades we have developed, produced and packed almost all of our alkaline batteries for the European market at our factory in Tessenderlo, Belgium, which employs more than 400 staff.
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Alkaline batteries - ideal for high performance standard applications

These alkaline batteries feature a steady, reliable energy provision, a long shelf life and a superior low temperature behavior. They and are designed especially for high and medium drain applications, such as smoke detectors, marine devices, scales, high energy flashlights, smart home kits etc.

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Name File type Size Date Language
PDF Alkaline batteries handbook - for professionals Manual, Handbook 5MB 20.10.2020 English
PDF Short-Form-Catalog.pdf Short-Form-Catalog.pdf 7MB English


  • Developed for high and medium drain appliances
  • Continuously reliable energy provision
  • Long shelf life
  • Excellent leakage resistance
  • Superior low temperature behavior
  • Mostly made in Europe


Smoke detectors
Marine devices
High energy flashlights
Scales etc.

High tech in quality control - CT scan

We invest an extraordinary amount of effort in the quality control of our batteries. This starts with the sophisticated construction of our batteries, followed by a high level material sourcing process and ends in state-of-the-art battery production. In some cases, samples are checked by means of a CT (computer tomography) scan, which renders the interior completely visible. Take a look at our video!

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Alkaline battery production process

Batteries: Alkaline Line up production process Panasonic Industry

Are you interested in our alkaline battery construction and production process? Do you want to get some insights into the battery can production, the battery assembly or the finishing and packaging processes? Find the information you need in our handbook!

1 Can drawing

2 Can trimming

3 Washing

4 Carbon coating

5 Manganese dioxide carbon tablet pressing (positive pole) and tablet inserting

6 Pressing

7 Can grooving


Alkaline battery applications video

This Panasonic video shows the recommended applications for Alkaline batteries and the inner working of a alkaline battery. It also provides an excellent overview of the battery materials (electrodes, gasket, insulator, poles, etc.). Watch the video!

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Alkaline batteries - designed for security applications

Be entertained and informed at the same time when you join this fantastic trip through various battery-powered security applications (e.g. post boxes), and find out how Panasonic batteries can enable your devices. Have a look at our video!