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Optical fibers of various types. Needs to be combined with a fiber amplifier.
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The combination of Fiber amplifier and fiber head provides various solutions. Our fiber portfolio covers types for standard application as well as for highly specialized applications as high temperature vacuum or chemical resistancy. Our product finder supports you to find the most suitable fiber head for your requirements.

Stable light intensity

Sensor fibers, Stable light intensity Panasonic Industry

Optical fibers with insertion plug-in achieve a very high quality standard. Through the integrated high-precision plug, the fiber core can be centered to within ±40μm. Variation in light intensity could thus be reduced to ±10%.

New fiber core

Sensor Fibers New fiber core Panasonic Industry

Now the core consists of only one fiber instead of several single fibers. This design improves sensing stability dramatically because there is no variation in light intensity among individual fibers.

Sharp bending and flexible fibers

Sensor fibers, Sharp bending and flexible fibers Panasonic Industry

With a bending radius of 4mm, the optical fibers easily cope with millions of bending cycles.


Name File Type Size Date Language
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PDF Brochure Capteurs Catalog, Shortform 32.5 MB 13.09.2021 French
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PDF Equivalence table for discontinued fibers Data sheet, Technical information 4 MB English
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PDF FR-KZ22E Instruction Manual, MJEC-FRKZ22E Manual 128.6 KB 01.07.2016 English
PDF FR-KZ50□ Instruction Manual, MJEC-FRKZ50H Manual 146.4 KB 01.07.2016 English
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PDF FT-F93 Instruction Manual, MJEC-FTF93 Manual 140 KB 01.07.2016 English
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ZIP Fiber General Catalog 2D Data CAD 917.3 KB 11.06.2007
ZIP Fiber General Catalog 3D Data CAD 5.7 MB 11.06.2007
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