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Wall Installation (corner) Type - monitoring a room from the corner

The Wall Installation (corner) Type can reliably monitor a room when installed in the corner at a typical installation height of 2.5m - 3m.
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Typical Use Cases

This PIR is used in devices such as thermostats, wall lights, smart home or space management sensors. Installed in an upper corner of a room, the infrared sensor can monitor a room of up to 12m. In addition, the upper part of the lens is inactive to reduce the influence of sources of interference, e.g. fans.

The EKMB series (1µA, 2µA, 6µA, digital) can be used for battery-powered devices, and the EKMC series (170µA, digital and analog) for wired applications.

All sensors are available in the following colors:

  • White
  • Black
  • Pearl white
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