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Automation Devices & Solutions

With an extensive automation product portfolio and technology solutions, we are the partner for setting up solutions for fully networked production lines.

Our top product lines

Sensors for Factory Automation

Sensors for Factory Automation

Dive into our large sensor portfolio which ranges from optical, laser to pressure and flow sensors.
Servo drives teaser

Industrial motors​

Panasonic servo drives are ideally suited for high dynamic, small and complex applications as well as mobile applications with DC-power.
Programmable logic controllers (PLC) teaser

Programmable logic controllers (PLC)

Panasonic offers the whole range of controllers for all applications from premium to compact to small.
Human machine interfaces

Human machine interfaces

The touch terminal has always been the communication interface between the operator and the equipment.


Energy saving and electric power quality monitoring with Panasonic energy management solution.


Ionizers are specialized devices that remove a static charge on a surface.
Limit switches

Limit switches & Safety devices

A wide range of standard and safety limit switches models suitable for many types of applications in various industries.
Laser marking

Laser marking

Fiber and CO2 Laser Marking Systems are able to handle almost every type of marking application for numerous different materials.
Laser welding

Laser welding

The laser welding system with its unique Panasonic fiber laser technology realizes clean and precise plastic welded joints.

More information

User story Radboud University
User story

Radboud University

How software and control technology contribute to greater insight.
Packaging teaser

Automation solutions for packaging machines

Flexibility, sustainability, new materials, IIot (Industrial Internet of Things) – wrap it up with Panasonic.
Sensor solutions for laboratory automation

Solutions for laboratory automation

Providing solutions for laboratory automation and diagnostic instruments.
Panasonic Academy

Panasonic Academy

We offer tailor made trainings for every state of knowledge and for every need: inhouse-, online- or pay-as-you-go trainings.
Customization of automation products teaser

Customization solutions

We offer solutions that provide true customer value and superior competitive advantages.
Panasonic Industry GM1 Motion Controller
New product introductions

First Motion Controller GM1 launched by Panasonic Industry

With up to 32 axis synchronized torque control, the GM1 offers a compact solution for complex motion control applications
Safety solutions - teaser

Safety solutions

Safety engineering for machine builders.
return form
Technical requests

Return form

Returns of defective articles for the product group automation products.
3 year warranty

3 Year Warranty

We will offer a 3-year warranty for many automation products.
Service & trainings for Automation

For Automation Devices & Solutions

To ensure that our customers get the best out of our products and solutions we provide a complete package of services.
Seminar teaser

Inhouse-, online- or pay-as-you-go

We offer tailor made trainings for every state of knowledge.
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Panasonic Industry Connectivity 2024 IDBD

Connectivity for Industrial Automation

You‘ve got the vision; we´ve got the solutions. Let us assist you with your journey through the entire IIoT process.