Particulate matters (PM) sensor, laser type hero Panasonic Industry

Particulate matter (PM) sensor, laser type

High precision laser sensor to detect floating particle in the air.
Particulate matters (PM) sensor, laser type shadow

Small size laser sensor to detect floating particle in the air

Particulate Matter (PM) sensors are reliably able to detect smoke, environmental dust and other unwanted dangerous pollutant in the air that surrounds us. SN-GCJA5 type has an excellent accuracy and quick response based on laser scattering technology and is coming in remarkably small dimensions of only 37x37x12mm. The long-life PM sensor offers an uncomplicated I²C & UART (TTL) connectivity - and surpasses LED-based concepts in several regards.

Key features

  • PM2.5, PM10 & PM1 detection
  • Laser diode for high accurancy, sensitivity and quick response
  • Unique auto calibration function
  • Minimize dust accumulation by optimized air pathway structure
  • μP inside analyzes the wave profile and output a converted mass-density (μg/m3) through I2C & UART interface

Building Automation

Building automation Panasonic Industry
  • Air quality monitoring
  • HVAC
  • Air conditioner

Smart Home

Smart Home Panasonic Industry
  • HVAC
  • Air purifier
  • IoT devices

Test & Measurement

Test & Measurement Panasonic Industry
  • Test & measurement
  • Environmental monitoring


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PDF Laser Type PM Sensor - Communication Specifications Data sheet 479.5 KB 11.10.2021 English
PDF Laser Type PM Sensor - Product Specifications Data sheet 843.3 KB 11.10.2021 English
ZIP SN-GCJA5 Evaluation Software Software 5.5 MB 05.02.2021 English