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NCR18650BD-Improved, the new Lithium-ion cell

Panasonic Industry’s newest Lithium-Ion cell offers unbeatable performance, safety and cycle life.

The ultimate generation of safe and reliable battery for diverse applications

The new Lithium-ion battery sets the bar high in terms of safety, reliability, performance and cost efficiency. It demonstrates stable performance over a wide range of discharge rate and temperature. If charged at the less stressful 4.15V from the beginning, the improved BD cells do not need State of Health (SOH) check which makes it a more cost efficient and safe solution. It is also the ideal choice when it comes to minimizing the risks of incidents.

Top benefits

Maximum safety

Reduced human risk and damage risk positions your applications as smarter and safer choice.


Higher cost effectiveness in terms of electronic and charging system as SOH check is not required.

Key features

  • Stable performance over a range of discharge rate
  • No need for State of Health (SOH) check*
  • Maximum safety and reduced incidents
  • Low self-discharge
  • High reliability and long life
  • High energy density and cost efficiency

Download the flyer to get a thorough overview of the battery’s features, specifications and applications.


Overview of technical specifications

Capacity: 3080mAh ([email protected]°C)
  •  Higher vs NCR-18650PF @ 4.2VHigher vs NCR-18650GA @4.2V after 400 cycles @1It Discharge Current
  •  Higher vs NCR-18650GA @4.2V after 400 cycles @1It Discharge Current
Charging and Discharging
  •  Charging Current: Up to 0.5C, Impact limited to 200mAh loss (vs 0.3C) after 1000 cycles
  •  Discharge: 8A Type
Cycle Performance: 1500 cycles > 81% Initial Capacity ([email protected]°C)
  • 5% more vs NCR-18650PF
  • Remaining Capacity after 1500 cycles + 600mAh vs NCR-18650GA
Low Temperature Performance: 2200mAh  ([email protected]°C)
  • 71% vs Initial Capacity @25°C
Safety: No Need to check SOH* or control Charging Voltage
  • Cheaper Charging system for same safety level vs NCR-18650PF or NCR-18650GA @4.2V


*In case of 4.15V charge at the beginning