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ST4 safety light sensor

ST4 safety thru-beam sensors.

ST4 sensors

Panasonic's new concept of connecting 6 sets of sensor heads to 1 controller in series offers you maximum flexibility to solve your safety application. Just configure exactly the number of sensor heads and controllers required to protect the area in question, e.g. small openings or irregularly shaped spaces impractical for safety light curtains.

A beam interruption indicator is incorporated in both the emitter and receiver, which not only eases confirming operation but also facilitates aligning the beam axis.

The high-functional controller ST4-C12EX immediately diagnoses misaligned or abnormal sensor heads. Its digital display allows you to identify errors at a glance, and it supports both PNP and NPN polarities, easing stock management.


  • Series connection of 6 sets of sensor heads to 1 controller
  • Compact design
  • IP67 degree of protection
  • Three muting function patterns
  • High-functional type controller
  • Safety category 4


  • Extension cables: 1, 3, 5, 7, and 15m
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ST4 applications Panasonic Industry
  • Protection for long sensing ranges
    Guard areas up to 15m in length, for example where protective fences are difficult to install.
  • Protection for small openings
    For small openings where light curtains do not fit, ST4 sensor heads ensure safety.
  • Protection against non-authorized entry
    Sensor heads can be mounted flexibly and muting control implemented easily.


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