Customization of automation products Panasonic Industry

Customization of automation products

Panasonic offers solutions that provide true customer value and superior competitive advantages.
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Panasonic has been perfecting the art of customization for over 10 years. Our experts work with customers, engineers, and purchasing and logistic departments to configure the most suitable customized solution in terms of product modification, packaging, labeling, pre-assembly and other features. High quality is assured thanks to multiple product tests that are conscientiously documented.

Customized automation products can reduce your production costs, avoid production errors, and improve the quality of your final product.

To discuss your application and customization needs, and for further information please use our contact form or call directly our Panasonic sales office.

Mounting connectors / modification of cable lengths

Mounting connectors / modification of cable lengths Panasonic INdustry

Depending on the customer’s needs, Panasonic can shorten standard cables and mount connectors. Typical connectors are M8, M12 and MICRO-FIT connectors with 3 or 4 pins. Depending on the sensor model, it is also possible to integrate a connector in the sensor housing.

Pre-configuring sensors / PLC and HMI programming

Pre-configuring sensors / PLC and HMI programming Panasonic Industry

To ensure fast installation of products in bigger production lines, sensors can be pre-configured, and controllers and human machine interfaces can be programmed before delivery.

Multi-unit packaging

Multi-unit packaging Panasonic Industry

For faster unpacking, a bigger quantity of identical products can be delivered in one single package. It is also possible to assemble different products in one set. The multi-unit package can contain for example sensors, timers & counters, a pre-programmed PLC and all dedicated cables and mounting material so that all necessary components are available faster for production.



Correct labelling avoids mismatching of products and improper wiring when installing a sensor in a machine. Also if the cause of an error has to be determined, labelling plays an important role as it helps with traceability and finding the product number for ordering a replacement.

Pre-assembly / complementary material

Pre-assembly / complementary material Panasonic Industry

Accessories that can be ordered separately are usually packed and labelled individually. To save customers from time-consuming tasks like unpacking and assembling, Panasonic offers to assemble various accessories before delivery as one of the customizing services. Also screws or mounting material of the appropriate size can be added to the package of Panasonic automation products.

Additional quality control

Additional quality control Panasonic Industry switch

To also fulfil the end customer’s quality policy, Panasonic delivers conformity declarations for RoHS, REACH and conflict minerals and of course CE compliance certificates also for the customized products.

In addition, electrical tests, crimp height measuring, and mechanical stress tests like pull force testing can be done in order to fulfil the customer’s quality control demands.

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