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EX-Z photoelectric sensor

Our smallest Thru-beam sensor.


Sensing range: 50mm
Repeatability: 0.02mm
Minimum sensing object: Ø 0.3mm (opaque object)

Sensing range: 200mm
Repeatability: 0.03mm
Minimum sensing object: Ø 0.5mm (opaque object)

Sensing range: 500mm
Repeatability: 0.05mm
Minimum sensing object: Ø 1.0mm (opaque object)

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Unit volume ratio reduced by about 50%*

Sensors Photoelectric EX-Z, unit volume ratio reduced by about 50%* Panasonic Industry

The world's thinnest** sensor dimension of 3mm has been achieved by utilizing a new semiconductor packaging technology that does not use wire bonding. The small unit size allows installation of sensors in a narrow space where only a conventional fiber sensor head could be installed before. The built-in amplifier also saves on installation space.

*   As compared to EX-10 series ** Among photoelectric sensors with built-in amplifier as of June 2015 (survey by our company)

Capable of sensing an extremely small Ø 0.3mm object without optional slit (EX-Z11)

Sensors Photoelectric EX-Z, capable of sensing an extremely small Ø 0.3mm object without optional slit (EX-Z11) Panasonic Industry

 A slit is already provided on the front side of the main sensor body. The sensor can detect a Ø 0.3mm object (the smallest-object sensing capability in the industry* without using an optional slit.

* Among photoelectric sensors with built-in amplifier, as of June 2015 (survey by our company)

Capability to sense a small Ø 1.0mm object over long distance (EX-Z13□)

Sensors Photoelectric EX-Z, capability to sense a small Ø 1.0mm object over long distance Panasonic Industry

The high-brightness 4-element red LED provides strong light emission stably over a long period of time. In spite of the extremely small size, both front sensing and side sensing units can sense a small Ø 1.0mm object over a long distance of 500mm. Since the spotlight is clearly visible, the sensing position can be easily confirmed.

Inflection resistant cable type available for all models

EX-Z photoelectric sensor, inflection resistant cable type available for all models

Inflection resistant cable type with improved flex resistance is available for all models. Select the model suitable for your specific application.

The standard type comes with lead wires with the same wire diameter as previous models, but the outside diameter of the cable is 2.0mm and thinner than the cables of the EX-10 series. This facilitates cable routing.

IP67 protective structure

EX-Z photoelectric sensor, IP67 protective structure Panasonic Industry

The sensors features an IP67 protective structure to allow their use in process lines where water is used or splashed.
Rust-resistant stainless steel sensor mounting brackets and screws are available.

Note: If water splashes on the sensor during sensing operation, it may sense water as an object.


EX-Z photoelectric sensor applications Panasonic Industry
  • Detection of parts in parts feeder
  • Detection of presence / absence of test tubes
  • Detection of LED contacts
  • Mounted on robot arm


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