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IR Thermophile Array Sensor – Grid-EYE

64-Pixel infrared array temperature sensor
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Panasonic Grid-EYE is Infra-Red sensor comprised of 64 individual Thermopile elements arranged in an 8x8 matrix. The sensor comes in a compact surface mount package and can be very easily integrated into IoT applications. Infra-red signals are used to detect heat sources and measure temperature.

The integrated lens in Grid-EYE focuses the infra-red in the field of view (FoV) on to the sensor elements. This generates voltage differences between electrodes of individual Thermopile elements, which can be converted to temperature information.

Grid-EYE’s integrated ASIC performs some core functions to enable sensor’s performance–pixel readouts, analog amplification, analog to digital conversion, sensitivity correction, correction for temperature effects, and digital readout over I2C bus. Furthermore, Grid-EYE is available in high or low gain variants.

Key features of Grid-EYE sensors

  • Low-Cost Surface Mount Components
  • Small package (11.6mm x 8mm x 4.3mm)
  • Package with 64 Thermopile MEMS pixels in 8x8 matrix
  • Panasonic’s custom ASIC to handle core sensor functions
  • Integrated lens with different FoV’s: 36°C, 60° and 90°
  • Simple digital readout of temperature data over I2C interface
  • Selectable frame-rate on the readout: 1 Hz or 10 Hz 
  • People tracking & counting algorithms for privacy enabled detection.

For variant information, please consider the part number table below.

Ordering information

Product Name


Field of view

Amplification Factor

Operating Voltage

Part Number

Temperature  of measured object


Narrow angle


Low Gain



-20 to 100°C

Standard Type


High Gain



0 to 80°C

Low Gain


-20°C to 100°C

High Gain



0 to 80°C

Low Gain


-20 to 100°C

Wide AngleϮ


High Gain



0 to 80°C



Ϯ: Contact Panasonic for more details

Application types

Grid Eye Sensor for application stove

Absolute temperature measurement

For applications that require to know temperature of objects.
Typical applications include kitchen alarms, microwave ovens, etc.
Grid Eye Application for office

Temperature gradient measurement

For applications that require counting and tracking of people or objects.
Typical applications include smart lighting, meeting rooms occupancy meters, etc.

Panasonic TrackME

Panasonic provides multi-level API for Grid-EYE that allows for quick prototypes for people counting and tracking application. This can be downloaded from the Downloads section.

The software section Level 1 and 2 are part of the software package available from Downloads section.
Level 3 pertains to a people tracking algorithm shipped under the label of TrackMe. This is only available under an SLA.

Do you need a SLA?

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Level 3 people tracking algorithm

Downloads & Documentation

Name File type Size Date Language
Grid-EYE Flyer English
PDF Grid-EYE Application Note on Social Distancing Flyer, Case study 3MB 15.10.2020 English
PDF Grid-EYE Datasheet Data sheet 686KB 12.09.2022 English
PDF Grid-EYE Communication Protocol Software, Documentation 104KB 27.05.2020 English
PDF Grid-EYE FAQs Manual, FAQs 924KB 27.05.2020 English
PDF Grid-EYE Characteristics Data sheet, Technical information 2MB 15.10.2020 English
PDF Grid-EYE I2C communication Data sheet, Technical information 799KB 02.03.2023 English
ZIP Grid-EYE APIs Software, Sourcecode 152KB 27.05.2020 English
PDF Grid-EYE Safety Precautions Certificate, Safety information 442KB 03.07.2023 English
PDF Letter for Certificate of Compliance to EU RoHS Directive (Grid-EYE) Environmental, RoHS 104bytes 13.11.2022 English
PDF Report of Confirmation of EU REACH (Grid-EYE) Environmental, REACh 104bytes 13.11.2022 English
PDF Whitepaper Grid-EYE - State of the art thermal imaging solution Whitepaper 1MB 27.05.2020 English
PDF Infrared Array Sensor Grid-EYE - AMG88x543 (Wide angle type) Data sheet 683KB 03.07.2023 English
PDF Grid-EYE Flyer 23 Flyer 2MB 02.03.2023 English
ZIP GridEYE Shield – PC – GridAIExpress - Standard Release Software 270MB 13.06.2023 English

Grid-EYE evaluation kit

Grid Eye Evaluation Kit
Arduino based Evaluation kit for Grid-EYE sensor with a Wi-Fi webserver.

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