Electromechanical and semiconductor relays panasonic industry

Electromechanical and semiconductor relays

Relays switch and carry loads from low level to high power ≤300A, as well as high frequency signals ≤26.5GHz.
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Energy-efficient and high-reliability switching solutions

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Automotive relays

Chose the market leader with best-in-class reliability and quality.
PhotoMOS relays

PhotoMOS® relays

The world's most extensive product portfolio for industrial and automotive applications.
Safety relays

Safety relays

From 2-pole to 8-pole, all versions are polarized, feature low energy consumption and withstand high shock and vibration conditions.
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Power relays

A full range of power relays including: slim 5A relays for industrial automation; latching types for building automation: and 120A PCB devices.
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Signal relays

A broad portfolio of devices, including latching types, is available for loads up to 2A.
High frequency relays

High frequency relays

PCB and SMA versions are available, offering excellent RF characteristics ≤26.5GHz.
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Solid-state relays

The perfect solution for applications that require long-term reliability and very frequent switching.
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Service and trainings

Europe’s most comprehensive relay test labs from Panasonic Industry

Technical support to customers: Complete infrastructure and profound know-how for customised relay performance and safety
New product introductions

New MOSFET relay offers high voltage capability in a miniature SSOP package

Panasonic Industry releases new PhotoMOS® relay - AQY206GV
Relay laboratory

Technical Relay Services and Support

Testing, Analyzing, and Collaborating, bring your ideas to life with our Technical Services and Support Team.
MOSFET relay technology
PhotoMOS® relays

MOSFET relay technology

Learn more about future-oriented semiconductor technology.
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Discontinued relays

Discontinued relays / not for new application.
EV Charging Solutions

EV Charging Solutions

“Our mission: Zero failure”
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Relay Short Form

Get an overview of our wide range of high-quality relays.

Did you know? Coil types used in electromechanical relays

Relays, did you know? Panasonic Industry

Basically there are two types of relay coil. The most used standard coil is non-polarized - a simple copper wire winding. A strong magnetic field that drives the relay, requires either a high current or many turns - this needs space.

The second type of relay coil 'polarized'combines a permanent magnet with a smaller coil. The magnet supports the EM field of the coil. This reduces the number of turns required so devices can be smaller and consume less energy. Polarized coil systems are the basis of latching relays.


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