During Panasonic Industry’s European Distribution Conference 2023, the three Award Winners have been selected: Avnet Abacus won two awards and is named “Distributor of the Year 2023” and “Demand Creation Distributor of the Year 2023”, and TME took the trophy in the category “High Service Distributor of the Year 2023”.

Panasonic Industry presents the Distribution Awards once a year and based on structured KPIs - not only honouring excellent sales performance, but also creating an opportunity to meet, strengthen ties and mutually refine business strategies.

Avnet Abacus – “Distributor of the Year” and “Demand Creation Distributor of the Year”:


“Panasonic Industry has been and continues to be a key strategic partner for Avnet Abacus,” comments Rudy Van Parijs, President EMEA at Avnet Abacus. “These awards are a recognition of the dedication of all our staff across the EMEA region. It is a testament to what our continued partnership with Panasonic is achieving and shows customers that Avnet Abacus is the reliable and trusted source to deliver best-in-class service, quality and innovation.”

Maximilian Jakob, Division Director Device Solutions at Panasonic Industry Europe, complements this assessment: “This award recognises not only outstanding achievement, but also dedication, innovation, and the relentless pursuit of Panasonic excellence.

Avnet Abacus has demonstrated not only remarkable business acumen, but also a deep understanding of market trends, customer needs and the importance of building lasting and strong relationships with the Panasonic EMEA team. The distributor's ability to adapt to changing market conditions while consistently delivering exceptional results is a testament to the entire organization and sets it apart in this competitive distribution market."

TME – “High Service Distributor of the Year”:


“Cooperation between TME and Panasonic was one of the key elements of our product and business development strategy. Thanks to trust and mutual support, we gained access to innovative technologies and solutions that enabled us to meet the dynamic market requirements.

I am convinced that our cooperation has great potential for further development. As the market changes and develops, we will continue to work together to develop Panasonic's product offer in TME and services that meet the needs of our customers. Together we can achieve even greater successes and strengthen our position on the market, says Tomasz Gredka, Manager of the Passive Components product group.

This is reflected by Ian Needham, Head of Distribution EMEA at Panasonic Industry: ”This award is not just a token of appreciation, but a tribute to innovation, dedication and persistent efforts to support existing and new Panasonic customers. In a world where engineers see the use of High Service Distribution for their new designs as a daily task, the role HSD plays in the distribution ecosystem must be recognised. TME has been franchised with Panasonic for less than 4 years and has helped Panasonic grow its customer base while consistently supporting 2022 supply chain issues.”