The recently introduced SOP4 60V miniature package PhotoMOS® MOSFET relays from Panasonic Industry ensure quiet, fast and bounce-free switching. AQY212G3HS and AQY232G3HS relays benefit from high operating temperature levels of up to +105 degrees Celsius and +125 degrees Celsius respectively, allowing them to be used in higher temperature environments than before. They are ideally suited for a wide range of modern industrial equipment, testing, and measuring equipment as well as security and battery operating equipment.  

The very compact SOP4 package of the relays achieves an input-output withstand voltage of 3,750 Vrms (conventional 1,500 Vrms) and enables miniaturization of highly insulated equipment. The AQY232G3HS components achieve high-capacity 2 A load control and AQY212G3HS relays feature 1.8 A load control.

AQY232G3HS components achieve a maximum LED current of 1 mA (1/3 times that of the conventional models). This reduces LED current during use by up to 40% and contributes to lower power consumption for the target applications. In terms of operating time, the AQY232G3HS devices achieve an average of 0.8 ms, which is about 57% of the time of conventional models. The increased speed of the switching operation largely improves the tact time of equipment and systems.

To learn more about Panasonic Industry’s new PhotoMOS® SOP4 AQY212G3HS and AQY232G3HS relays, please visit: PhotoMOS GU Series | Panasonic Industry Europe GmbH 

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