Panasonic introduces the new ZV Series, an advanced Electrolytic Polymer Hybrid capacitor, setting new industry standards as regards:  

Higher Ripple Current: Achieving a maximum Ripple Current (3.3~4.6 Arms) approximately 50% higher than comparable case-sizes from competitors, the ZV Series ensures superior performance in demanding applications.

Lower ESR (Equivalent Series Resistance): While comparable capacitors usually come up with a ESR of around 16 mΩ at 35V, the ZV series has a significantly lower ESR of 12 mΩ at this voltage – and thus enhances efficiency and reliability in electronic systems.

This capacitor is AEC-Q200 compliant, enforcing stringent quality control standards, particularly crucial for the automotive industry. It boasts high-temperature endurance, one of the industry's highest ratings at 4000 hours at 135°C and 125°C. With a focus on durability, the ZV Series offers vibration-proof variants capable of withstanding shocks up to 30G, making it a reliable choice. The ZV Series finds its applications in various "under the hood" scenarios, including water pumps, oil pumps, cooling fans, high-current DC to DC converters, and ADAS applications. It is also suitable for use in inverter power supplies for robotics, cooling fans, solar power systems, and more, covering the DC side of both inverter and rectifier circuits.

Briefly summarized: For various application purposes, Panasonic's ZV Series is the ideal choice when it comes to achieving optimal performance and longevity.

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