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Wirepas Mesh

Panasonic Industry cooperation with Finnish mesh connectivity provider Wirepas, by combining the popular PAN1780 Bluetooth® 5 Low Energy module with the Wirepas Mesh firmware.

Wirepas is a global technology company focused on solving large-scale IoT challenges. With their product Wirepas Mesh, they provide a wireless connectivity stack for massive IoT.

By integrating Wirepas Mesh into our PAN1780, we are closing the gap between an easy-to-use connectivity software and a scalable, reliable, and cost-efficient IoT solution.

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Wirepas Mesh is integrated between the PAN1780 hardware and customer specific application.

All the mesh networking is performed automatically and without configuration on field, which immensely accelerates the time to market.

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The PAN1780 with Wirepas Mesh forms a wireless mesh network of up to 4 billion devices.

Data can be collected from all kinds of devices and routed through gateways to the cloud, which can be accessed by any dashboard.

The patented multi-hop feature and dynamic routing roles grants a reliable and interference-free operation.


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How to get started

Test the PAN1780 + Wirepas Mesh solution in under 5 minutes

Start today experience Wirepas Mesh with

  • 4x PAN1780 Sensor Boards

  • 1x PAN1780 Sink as Gateway

  • and a customized dashboard web application

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