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About Panasonic Industry Europe

Panasonic Industry Europe: Empowering industries with diverse products, global expertise, and sustainable solutions for a brighter future.

Panasonic Industry Europe GmbH is part of the global Panasonic Industry organization, one of the five major operating companies within Panasonic Holding. Panasonic Industry Europe provides products and services for industrial customers all over Europe.

Panasonic Industry Europe is committed to enabling customers achieve their goals in a broad range of industrial sectors such as mobility, infrastructure, automation, medical, appliances, smart living, and security. With the know-how of devices and solution technologies, cultivated through a global mindset and over a century of tradition, Panasonic Industry collaborates closely with customers to create a sustainable future.

The broad and diverse product portfolio encompasses key electronic component sectors including electromechanical and passive components, batteries and other energy products, sensors and wireless connectivity modules, thermal management materials and custom solutions, as well as automation devices & solutions.

Our sales offices are located in Austria, the Benelux, Czech Republic, France, Germany, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Poland, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland and the United Kingdom.

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Panasonic Campus Munich

Discover our Campus with its unique technical centers, laboratories, and service facilities, providing you with a faszinating insight.
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Find detailed information about the Panasonic Holdings Corporation like Financial Reports and Corporate Statements here.

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Panasonic Connect

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