Panasonic EYFLF Cordless mechanical-pulse wrenches

Not one but two new mechanical-pulse (M-P) wrenches are being introduced by Panasonic Power Tools Europe: the EYFLF1 and EYFLF2 both feature a new mechanical pulse structure with a highly durable split anvil shaft and an enlarged metal hammer.

This results in a reduction of pulse noise and reduced vibration due to lower pulse frequency – up to 10db less noise and approximately 75% less vibration compared to the previous model EYFLA5.

The main difference between the two new models is their torque range: EYFLF1 features a torque shut-off range between 3 – 20 Nm, EYFLF2 ranges from 6- 35 Nm.

“The two new M-P wrenches provide more comfort for professionals and the professional working environment. Besides the reduction of noise and vibration, also the overheating risk was reduced. Both wrenches use the new mechanical pulse structure, which limits the risk of overheating in serial fastening applications”, says Kunihiko Nedachi, Head of Power Tools Europe. “Ultimately, this results in an increase in productivity, because more work per battery charge can be achieved.”

Compact, lightweight and kinder to the environment

The EYEFLF1 and EYEFLF2 only weigh about 1.3Kg to 1.45Kg (incl. battery) and measure 167 x 249 x 59mm. One of the convenient features of the M-P wrenches is the slow rotation start at 200 Rpm, which prevents accidental cross-threading while fastening.

In contrast to conventional oil pulse-driven wrenches, the new mechanical pulse structure is maintenance-free and ultimately reduces the running costs of the power tool. Besides that, a cordless wrench uses less energy compared to pneumatic wrenches, so the EYEFLF1 and EYEFLF2 are kinder to the environment.   

For further information on the latest member of Panasonic’s Power Tool family, visit the world of Panasonic Power Tools.

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