The words of our customer Enovates

Welcome to the world of Enovates, where everything revolves around the boost for electric transport (EV).  This Belgian company is leading the way with its own applications. Enovates is a fully-fledged technology company specialising in the development and production of EV charging solutions, and this market is growing, that is beyond question!

Responding to the latest standards


Call it a matter of keeping a keen eye on the market, being constantly up to date with the latest regulatory and legislative standards. Sure, Enovates already has the necessary knowledge in-house, but how do they arrive at those optimally safe and reliable products? For that, a lot depends on cooperation with other parties, including Panasonic Industry.

More than just the product

Find out in our user story how Enovates uses our HE-R power relays to meet today's and tomorrow's standards. Less wiring makes production simpler, more efficient and reliable. Moreover, there is more than just the product, because as your committed enabler, we do really want to support the customer! Everything relies on trust, transparency and knowledge sharing, resulting in the right solution.

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