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Customer Experience Center

Interact with the innovative spirit of Panasonic through demonstrators and prototypes!

In the Experience Center of the Panasonic Campus Munich you can interact with the innovative spirit of Panasonic through demonstrators and prototypes!

The current technological innovations of Panasonic Industry are combined with Panasonic products to create living environments representing the Panasonic world.

Explore the main areas of the Customer Experience Center.


campus CXC 08 corporate brand main category

The Panasonic Corporate Brand exhibition is more than just a display of the Panasonic product portfolio. It focuses on three pillars: culture, sports and education, and showcases Panasonic's latest technology, the smart society 5.0, and the Olympic and Paralympic Games.

Walking through the CXC, you will experience the uniqueness and symbiosis of Panasonic products from different companies. Through videos and artifacts in the Corporate Brand exhibition, the Panasonic slogan "A Better Life, A Better World", comes to life.


campus cxc mobility

The future of mobility is sustainable, autonomous and pure. Panasonic aims to support the decarbonization of our planet and contribute to society by providing affordable, state-of-the-art solutions.

The Customer Experience Center is a great platform to display our expertise, innovations and create new opportunities for the future business developments.

Home IoT

campus cxc home IoT

Are you ready to explore tomorrow's digital home, right now?

The Internet of Things (IoT) connects and controls a wide range of home solutions over a network.

With the simple approach "your home is your life and the money you invest into it," you can learn how living costs can easily be reduced by the Panasonic Industry Europe's smart home solutions.

The Home IoT corner in the Customer Experience Center (CXC) inside the Panasonic Campus Munich is the place where you can get an insight into the interconnected products and technologies from Panasonic competencies.

Industrial IoT

campus CXC industrial IoT Panasonic Industry

The Industrial IoT corner provides full-service for outstanding Industrial IoT applications. Our customers do not need to worry about synchronizing because our Systems & Solutions are designed to perfectly work together in alignment.

The Industrial IoT corner is divided into three categories:

  • Biomedical
  • Packaging
  • Connectivity – Corvina Cloud

Click here to interact with the live model:

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campus CXC 20 co creation main category

In the Co-Creation corner thinking out-of-the-box comes together to develop ideas and create innovation.

This new hub is the place to apply concepts together with strategies, design thinking and open innovation methods. During workshops challenges will be presented to filter the options, scout for alternatives, define a marketable goal, realize a prototype, and ultimately rework the prototype to develop a finished solution that is ready for roll-out.

This is the place where interdisciplinary ideas are coming to life.


campus CXC Gemba

This Japanese word literally translates to "the actual place“.

At the CXC it is the place where business transformation starts!

In the Gemba corner Panasonic displays the innovation approach process, which optimizes proven customers' business processes for future needs, providing solutions for the rapidly changing working conditions.

Get a great understanding of the manufacturing, logistics, and retail innovation process and improve your productivity at the core of the value chain.


campus cxc retail

Experience Panasonic solutions optimizing instore operations and enhancing customer experiences.

Enter the concept store through a facial recognition check-in point for a contactless registration, allowing also for contactless payments.

Get a glimps of Panasonic electronic shelve labels including necessary information about ingredients, such as allergens or the country of origin, on plastic LED labels additionally allowing for pricing and much more.


campus cxc public

Get the feeling of a live event, such as the Olympic Games or a rock concert, right here in the Customer Experience Center of the Panasonic Campus Munich!

Today's live events are not only a unique experience on the emotional level but also secure like never before.

The latest Panasonic innovations in the public area demonstrate the symbiosis of experiencing passion in a secure environment.