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Panasonic e-bike drive systems 


Obliged to our heritage, devoted to the future of mobility.

Whether it's your daily ride to work or a trip to reach your own limits - our e-bike technology sets standards ever since. 

At Panasonic, we have combined our experience with the latest technologies as part of our dedication to provide you with the optimal riding experience.


Torque, energy, connectivity: Discover our next-gen e-bike components

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Motor unit

The torque you need, the quality you expect.

The motor unit is the core of "new cycling".
Get a glimpse on our latest GX range of next-gen smooth, sensitive and powerful e-bike motors.
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Battery & charger

Power you can rely on, wherever you go.

Panasonic's leading know-how in battery and charging technology - the best choice for your daily ways.
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Stay in control and reach your goals.

A new generation of easy and intuitive e-bike handling.

Cross-selling components and devices

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1. Display at handlebar

Product Series or part number Application & Features
WiFi (Combo) Module PAN9520 (ENW49D0xAxKF)
PAN9026 (ENWF9208A1EF)

- Update of maps material
- Providing route & performance data to smartphone
- Report battery status

Power Choke Coil

LE-series (ETQP4M***KF*)
LP-series (ETQP*M***KV*)

Input Filter & Buck Converter
- Small SMD case sizes (3 mm height for small and flat modules)
- Low DCR (down to 2.6 mΩ)

2. Battery

Bluetooth Module PAN1780 (ENW89854A1KF) Make battery status available to Smartphone, Control & Display Unit
Power Choke Coil

LE-series (ETQP4M***KF*)
LP-series (ETQP*M***KV*)

Input Filter & DC/DC Converter
- Low DCR (down to 2.6 mΩ)
- Wide range of suitable portfolio (0.33 to 47 uH)

Resistor (Thin Film R) ERA*A/V/K/P series Current Sense for Battery Management System
- High accuracy

- Smaller case size

3. Motor Unit

Gyro & Acceleration sensor EWTS5G Detect inclination and adjust support of electric motor or control recuperation
Power Choke Coil

MC-series (ETQP*M***Y**)
High vibration series (ETQP*M***YS*)

Input Filter & DC/DC Converter
- Low saturation at high current
- High power (33A) and high vibration (50G)
- Temperature up to 150°C

Hybrid capacitor

ZA series
ZS series
ZU series

DC-link function
- Buffer for the battery voltage

- Stable DC voltage

Resistor (Thick Film R)

ERJB series
ERJD series

Current sense for Motor control
- Stable current sense

- Low inductance (wide-terminal) 

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First Panasonic e-bike from 1979



SINCE 1979.

Let's look back: When the first Panasonic e-Bike was launched in 1979, we had resorted to our long history in manufacturing bicycles - and combined it with our vision in taking advantage of electrical power to make cycling easier and more comfortable.

Now, more than 40 years later, as e-bikes have become a key element for a more sustainable and efficient mobility, we are obliged to our heritage and strive to take e-bike performance and reliability to the next level for you.

e-bike Panasonic history timeline
e-bike Panasonic history timeline
Panasonic Industry E-Bike Systems Catalog
Product portfolio overview

e-bike systems catalog

Whether it's your daily ride to work or a trip to your own limits – Our e-bike technology sets standards ever since.

Our e-bike systems catalog gives you a short and comprehensive overview of our current product portfolio.

Download here

Maintenance system - Software download and documentation

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E-Bike systems

Maintenance system

Maintenance system download for electric bicycles