Futureproof the lab

Futureproof the Lab

How to manage and analyse lab processes?
Lab processes are becoming more complex by the day producing ever-larger data sets. How to manage and analyse this so that results will also be as reproducible and as accurate as possible in the future? This is also the challenge for medical device manufacturers. Because no matter how advanced technology is, how do you make sure it optimally meets the needs in the lab?

Take advantage of our solutions for lab automation. Intended for an environment where the deployment of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning is paying off in full. Where the Internet of Things (IoT) transforms data into insight and control and Laboratory 4.0 equals impact, thanks to the right combination of technology and smart applications.

This is how you strenghten the 5 building blocks of your laboratory

Futureproof the lab

Technology only pays off if it meets your needs. This is the basis of, for instance, our FP-I4C module and HMx700 series control panels: a long list of features contain the functionality for a stronger foundation. For a powerful foundation for Laboratory 4.0, with optimisation at every level.

1. Safe and secure data, communication channels and equipment

Futureproof the lab

Protect operators and equipment and secure data, communication channels and equipment. Tap-proof communications provide every digital operation with the correct digital signature.

  • VPN technology with encryption for IoT security, via SSL or TLS protocol
  • Digital signatures compliant with regulations FDA and Title 21 CRF Part 11
  • Use separate networks and multiple Ethernet ports

2. Connected and interoperable

Futureproof the lab

Ensure optimal exchange of information between physical and digital structures. Seamlessly connect to IT systems and any device, time after time. And always as secure as it is robust.

  • Messaging via MQTT (Message Queuing Telemetry Transport)
  • Data exchange via the platform-independent OPC UA protocol
  • Industrial VPN connection for IoT applications via Corvina

3. Conclusions from data

Futureproof the lab

Data is the new gold. Turn data into insight, place output in the right context and deploy lab processes as efficiently as possible. Our products provide everything you need.

  • Clock synchronisation via NTP (Network Time Protocol)
  • FTP as client and server, so for down- and uploading data
  • Clear visualisation and virtualisation via our web editor functions

4. User-friendly

Futureproof the lab

The more complex the lab environment, the greater the need for user-friendly equipment. This is our focus, making sure you operate our products as simply and efficiently as possible.

  • Gestures and actions similar to everyday life
  • Quickly access the list and status of devices via Corvina Cloud
  • Choose from multiple installation options, such as on a desk or on the wall   

5. Remote and robust

Futureproof the lab

Use our devices locally or remotely for e.g., changing settings and storing values. Also exclude the impact of environmental factors, thanks to the robust properties of our panels:

  • Resistant to temperatures from -20 to +60 degrees Celsius and a humidity range of 5 to 85%
  • Projected capacitive touch screen, real glass design
  • UV and scratch resistant, resistant to a variety of chemicals

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Futureproof the lab
Empowering laboratories to work smarter, faster, and more efficiently.

What are the specifics from the products for laboratory 4.0

FP-I4C – Panasonic´s Industrial Communicator
PLC communication units

FP-I4C – Industrial Communicator

A flexible communication unit for the Industry 4.0 that connects to cloud solutions and databases using standard protocols.
High end touch terminal HMx700
High end touch terminals

HMx700 series touch terminals

High-end series with multi-touch functions.