Electromechanical and semiconductor relays

Power relays

Easy to use electromechanical relays with switching capacities from 2A up to 120A for mounting directly on a PCB.

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Energy-efficient high power switching

A line-up of more than 30 series covers nearly all industrial, building and white goods applications. Including devices that handle ≤120A on a PCB, devices with a low profile of 10mm and slim 6mm slim styles, there is a relay for any requirement. All standard versions feature a low power consumption,but the sophisticated, polarized latching types beat all other switching solutions by offering power consumption down to 0W for both On and Off states.

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DW series relay: small footprint; maximum possible switching capacity

16A latching relay; excellent characteristics; conforms to EN 60335; pin-in-paste versions available.

DJ-H relay: high inrush current for smarthome and lighting

These 1 Form A 50A latching relays are suitable for lighting and motor loads.

PF series: slim size; 6A; bent pin type available

Ideal for space-critical applications. Clearance distance 6.0mm (min.) & creepage distance 8mm (min.)

HE-N series

High capacity 120A / 480V AC 1 Form A power relay.

DJ series: 20A latching relay with optional manual test button

Both flux-resistant and sealed versions available. Compact design with high capacity and low coil power. Creepage and clearance distance 8mm (min.)

ST series: 8A polarized with high inrush capability

1a1b/2a latching types available. High breakdown voltage. Not suitable for new applications.

S series: 2a2b/3a1b/4a 4A polarized

Multiple contact arrangements for low level loads ≤4A.

DZ-S series: 1 Form A 90A latching types

Excellent characteristics including high insulation, high inrush current capacity (~ 500A). Creepage and clearance distance ≥ 8mm.

JS series: cubic type 1 Form A/1 Form C 10A

F-coil type for high ambient temperature (105°C). High switching capacity of 10A and RTIII (IP67).

JW series: monostable 10A device with 10kV surge

1 Form A/1 Form C/2 Form A/2 Form C 5A/10A relays for PSUs. RTIII, creepage and clearance distance of 8mm (min.) between contacts and coil.

JTV series: 30A; 6kV surge

Applications include home appliances (ovens, heating & ventilation) 1 Form A, 1 Form C and TMP types available; UL/C-UL recognized.

JVN series: low profile 1 Form A 16A; ideal for heater control

Compact, low profile relay with small surface area of 16 x 22mm a height of 10.9mm. Conforms to various standards (UL, CSA, TÜV)

LZ series: low profile (15.7mm) commodity product

Ambient temperature ≤105°C with a creepage and clearance distance of 10mm (min.). Both RTII And RTIII are available.

LFG series: 33A 1 Form A type for solar inverters; contact gap - 1.8mm

Compact size, high surge withstand voltage and high inrush current.

LQ series: miniature 1 Form A/1 Form C 10A

- Sealed type relay
- Very small size
- High surge withstand voltage of 8000V
- Very low power consumption

LZN series: low profile 1 Form A/1Form C 16A; EN60335-1 GWT-compliant

RTIII; creepage and clearance distance 10mm (min.); only 15.7mm high.

LDP series: slim 1 Form A 5A

- Only 7mm wide
- Low coil power consumption of 200mW
- Conforms to IEC 60079-15

PA-N series: 5A slim device; reinforced insulation to IEC61010

Optimized for industrial automation applications such as controls and I/O modules. Conforms to the ANSI/ISA 12.12.01 standard for hazardous locations.

DK series: 10mm low profile 10A relay

A sealed type relay with low coil power, the DK relay features a very low profile of just 10mm making it perfect for use in IoT applications.

HE PV series: 1 Form A 35A/48A/90A devices for inverters

High surge withstand voltage: 10,000V and a contact gap of 3.6mm (max.). Excellent thermal behavior ensures long electrical life.

HE-V series: 1 Form A relay with 1000V DC, 20A cut-off capability

- High DC switching in compact housing
- Low coil-holding power of 210mW
- High surge withstand voltage of 10000V

EP series: encapsulated high DC power relays ≤300A

Nominal switching capacity ≤300A, 400V DC with low operating noise and high contact reliability. DC type with sealed
capsule and RTIII.

DY polarized series: 1 Form A 10A, 1 Form A 1 Form B 8A

- Latching types available with low 200mW coil power
- IEC EN61010-1-compliant
- Reinforced insulation with 6 mm distance between input and output

HE series: TV-10/TV-15 rated; 1 Form A 30A and 2 Form A 25A

- Protective construction, dust cover type available as plug-in
- TM and screw terminal types
- Flux-resistant types available as PCB version

LE series: 1 Form A 16A for white goods

- For magnetron and heater loads
- Ambient temperature ≤85°C
- Coil insulation class B and class F3
- High clearance and creepage

LF series: 1 Form A 20A devices for compressor and inverter loads

- ≤20A 250V AC
- Creepage 9.5mm (min.), clearance 8mm (min.)
- Surge withstand voltage 10000V
- PCB and TMP types available

LK-G series

TV5 rated slim power relay with high inrush capability and high insulation resistance. Suitable for home appliances, office equipment, AV equipment.

LK-P series: TV-5 rated 1 Form A 10A

Slim 10A 277V AC relay with high insulation resistance between contact and coil in compliance with IEC60065.

LK-Q relay: TV-5/TV-8 rated 1 Form A 5A/8A silent type

- High inrush capability: TV-5 type 100A, steady: 5A. TV-8 type 118A, steady: 8A
- High sensitivity, energy-saving type consumes only 250mW

LK-T series: slim, 5A high inrush current

- TV-8 rated
- High insulation resistance
- 1 Form A

PQ series: compact 5A type with high shock resistance

- Outstanding shock resistance - minimum 30g
- 1 Form A
- Gold-clad twin contacts for high reliability

HE series high power relays

Up to 120A high power relays for PCB mounting.