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Vocational Education & Dual Studies

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Vocational Education

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Are you interested in gaining practical experience in an international company?

Our apprenticeship programs enable you to do so while taking a look behind the scenes at many different jobs. We train our junior staff at various locations in the following professions.

Apprenticeships in our European logistics center in Pfaffenhofen

HR: Careers Logistics Panasonic Industry


Prerequisites: Secondary School Certificate

Duration: 3 years


  • Able to cope with physical demands of the post (e.g. change between working in unheated and draughty warehouses, air-conditioned offices, cold storage or outdoors)
  • Organizational skills and attention to detail (e.g. allocating loading and unloading times and storage locations, correctly assembling deliveries for dispatch)
  • Spatial imagination (e.g. stowing goods in the warehouse taking into account the type of goods, condition, volume and weight)
  • Ability to plan ahead and a sense of responsibility (e.g. when operating conveyor systems or hoists, when transporting and storing hazardous materials)

Apprenticeships in our European sales headquarter in Ottobrunn

HR: Careers Trade management assistants Panasonic Industry


Prerequisites: Secondary School Certificate

Duration: 3 years


  • Organizational skills (e.g. planning business trips)
  • Flexibility (e.g. dealing with frequently changing tasks and work situations)
  • Commercial awareness (e.g. when obtaining orders)
  • Customer and service orientated (e.g. responding to the concerns of customers)
  • Attention to detail and excellent speaking and writing skills (e.g. working at the client reception desk, writing business letters)
HR: Careers Office management assistants Panasonic Industry


Prerequisites: Secondary School Certificate

Duration: 3 years


  • Attention to detail (e.g. when carrying out operational accounting or checking goods)
  • Customer orientated and good communication skills (e.g. in dealing with customers and suppliers)
  • Negotiating skills and assertiveness (e.g. when conducting contract negotiations on the purchase price or on delivery conditions)
  • Commercial awareness (e.g. when preparing calculations and offers)
HR: Careers IT System integration specialist


Prerequisites: university entrance qualification or secondary school certificate

Duration: 3 years


  • Technical understanding and technical hands-on skills (e.g. analyzing IT systems with regard to software requirements, replacing hardware components in IT systems)
  • Creativity (e.g. implementing new IT solutions)
  • Perseverance (e.g. perform lengthy troubleshooting)
  • Customer-oriented and excellent face-to-face communication (e.g. responding to customer ideas when planning IT structure, advising and training users)
  • Willingness to learn (e.g. continuously acquire knowledge of new technical developments in the IT sector)

Dual Studies

Do you prefer a combination of practical training in parallel with acquiring theoretical knowledge? Our dual studies opportunities allow you to apply what you have already learned directly to the workplace.

Study takes place in cooperation with the Munich University of Applied Sciences. For your practical training you will be at our headquarters in Ottobrunn.

HR: Careers Bachelor of engineering Panasonic Industry


Prerequisite: General qualification for university entrance

Duration: 3.5 years

We support you through project work so that you can apply what you have learned in practice after the theory semesters.

For further information, please see the job advertisement (if currently vacant).

Our programs – your advantages

  • Personal guidance and help
  • Diverse practice phases
  • Individual encouragement
  • Participation in exciting projects
  • Regular trainee meetings
  • Graduation celebration

We look forward to receiving your application!

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