Electromechanical and semiconductor relays

DE series: smallest 16A relay

Optimal solution for KNX or 3.6kW smart outlets that require 8mm creepage/clearance (min.).

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World‘s Smallest 16A Relay

Being the smallest 16A polarized power relay in the market, DE series devices enable miniaturization in any application. Especially in smart outlets up to 3.6kW, for example, that need a minimum 8mm creepage and clearance distance, DE relays are the perfect solution. In addition, the polarized coil system and especially the latching versions (1 or 2 coils) helps to increase the power efficiency of your application: the DE relay consumes no power during On or Off states, just during the short switching period. To cover applications that can not allow latching relays, the DE relay is available as a monostable version with very low power consumption to keep losses low.

Key Features

  • Small size: 25 x 12.5 x 12.5mm
  • 16A 250VAC; 10A 30VDC
  • Nominal operating power: 200mW
  • Single side stable, latching 1 and 2 coils
  • Constant and short set / reset / bounce time over whole lifetime
  • Coil voltage from 1.5V to 48V
  • Separated contact chambers for 1a1b / 2a versions
  • UL/CSA, VDE approved

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Home Automation

DE power relay home automation
  • Smart plugs / smart switches
  • Smart meters
  • Smart lighting

Building automation

DE power relay building automation
  • Security equipment
  • KNX bus applications
  • Office automation

Industrial automation

DE power relay industrial automation
  • Output relay for PLC controllers
  • Temperature controllers
  • Timers