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New product introductions

PAN1782 - the happy medium

New PAN1782 with 512 kB flash complements Panasonic's series of state-of-the-art BLE modules.
New product introductions

New 1500V PhotoMOS® relay targets industrial BMS

New PhotoMOS® HE relay series delivers increased creepage & clearance, stable on-resistance over lifetime, and unlimited switching cycles
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Application Insights

Panasonic electronic materials at space

Panasonic to conduct space exposure experiments aiming to develop
cutting-edge electronic materials for aerospace applications
Application Insights

New electric fan motor helps miniaturizing outdoor HVAC units like monobloc heat pumps

Less weight, far better handling: Redesign of the fan motor’s core magnetic structure reduces HVAC units in terms of height and weight
New product introductions

New EVP-BT series of thin type SMD tactile switches

Ready for a wide range of applications: EVP-BT series switches benefit from a low profile height of only 4.3mm and different terminal options
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Application Insights

22 years of PaPIRs - a success story

Developed from the ground up over 22 years,
production of PaPIRs has exceeded 100 million
units. Here we go behind the scenes of the product,
which will be key to a data-driven society.
New product introductions

Unshield your ideas: New PAN1770 BLE module for radio-unfavourable applications

PAN1770 module solves the challenge of difficult housing conditions shielding radio waves
New product introductions

New Microchip Panasonic Magic Knob™ is ready for standard touch sensors

Where touch comfort meets smart haptics: New Microchip Panasonic Magic Knob™ for standard touch sensors in automotive Center Information Displays
New product introductions

Excellently average

With the new AQY215S 100V load voltage type, Panasonic Industry complements its GU series of MOSFET relays in the middle of the feature scale
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Application Insights

Ultra light vacuum cleaner motor

We were challenged by the vacuum cleaner manufacturer to significantly reduce the weight of the motor by 45% as compared to the conventional motor design.
New product introductions

New antenna-less dual-mode module PAN1316C

Proven performance - and ready for a more flexible transmission: For applications with RF unfriendly housings, Panasonic Industry just launched the antenna-less PAN1316C
Panasonic Industry GM1 Motion Controller
New product introductions

First Motion Controller GM1 launched by Panasonic Industry

With up to 32 axis synchronized torque control, the GM1 offers a compact solution for complex motion control applications