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ER-X ionizer

Ionizer for wide area application with or without compressed air.


ER-X series ionizers were conceived with wide surface areas in mind. To achieve optimal charge removal of surfaces, various concepts were considered. Besides operation using variable air pressure (from airless to 5 bar air pressure), discharge frequency and ion balance can be set manually. Naturally the ionizers can also be operated in automatic mode.

Other advantages include four different head sizes, from 160mm to 640mm in length, and the ability to connect up to two heads to one controller. Hence areas up to 1.2m wide can be handled. The heads feature an angle adjustment of 360° permitting the best possible charge neutralization.


  • Manual mode (discharge frequency and ion balance)
  • Easy maintenance
  • Up to two heads can be connected to one controller


  • Replacement discharge needle unit
  • Power cables

Specifications - Heads

Heads ER-X001 ER-X008 ER-X016 ER-X032 ER-X048 ER-X064
High / low temperature resistant head *)   ER-X008HC ER-X016HC ER-X032 HC ER-X048 HC ER-X064 HC
Type Wide area ionizer
Effective charge removal width 50mm 80mm 160mm 320mm 480mm 640mm
Ion balance Max. +/- 30V
Discharge method Pulse AC
Ozone concentration Max. 0.01ppm
Air pressure Filtered air, max. 5bar

*) The ER-X□HC high / low temperature resistant head can be used in a temperature range from -60°C to +200°C. Use this head in combination with the new controller ER-XC02 (produced from April 2016 onwards).

Specifications - Controller

Controller ER-XC02
Max. no. of connectable heads 2
Power supply voltage 24V DC +/- 10%
Display Display status for heads 1 and 2 (operation status, check, error, ion generation monitor and charge level monitor)
Output PhotoMOS, max. 100mA (check and error)
Input Activate/deactivate discharging needles

Typical applications

ER-X ionizer applications
  • Neutralization of foil during production processes
  • Removal of static electricity from IC components in trays
  • Neutralization of small electronic components (without compressed air)