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EF-S1 electrostatic sensor

Constant monitoring of static charges on production lines.


  • Maintains and regulates product quality by preventing damage from static electricity
    Static electricity that can build up in various places along a process line can be monitored constantly so that abnormalities can be prevented before they occur, ensuring quality.
  • Reduces time for ionizer inspections
    The de-ionizing effectiveness of ionizers can be understood in real-time so that things such as ionizer damage and the replacement period for worn components can be checked objectively, reducing the time required for inspection and testing.

Specifications - Sensor head

Type Spot type
Measuring range 8.0 to 20.5mm (±1kV); 21.0 to 100mm (±2kV)

Specifications - Controller

Type Spot type
Power supply voltage 24V DC ±10%
Display range (measurement range) -1000 to 1000 (±1kV); -1999 to 1999 (±2kV)
Judgment output NPN open-collector transistor, max. 100mA
Analog voltage output Output voltage 1 to 5V; Output impedance approx. 100Ω

Typical applications

EF-S1 ionizer applications
  • Measuring surface potential when removing back grinding sheets
  • Measuring static electric charge in lead frames
  • Measuring frictional electrification of LCD modules


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