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Cooperations and partnerships

User story Enovates: With a shared roadmap, it's a quick turnaround

Welcome to the world of Enovates, where everything revolves around the boost for electric transport (EV).
Hybrid capacitors ZUU Series
New product introductions

Panasonic Industry releases new ZUU series

New polymer hybrid capacitors benefit from highest ripple current handling capability combined with largest capacitance and lowest ESR values.
Cooperations and partnerships

User story: The greatest precision for the smallest drop

Reliable results require unambiguous conditions. BioFluidix specialises in this, with dosing technology for liquid of the smallest amounts and has already developed and patented many.
Events and trade shows

Join the seminar on e-mobility in Utrecht

See how connectivity is going next-level during E&A 2023. How electrification is getting a big boost. Visit the many exhibitors and take part in a comprehensive seminar.
Application Insights

Passive components tailored to Solar Inverters

A solar inverter converts direct current (DC) into alternating current (AC) and is widely used in solar power generation systems - get a deep insight on our offer of tailored passive components
ThaiGer Press Release
Cooperations and partnerships

Panasonic Industry congratulates Uni Stralsund’s ThaiGer Racing team on winning European Championship

The ThaiGer-H2-Racing Team from the University of Stralsund drives the most efficient hydrogen racing car in Europe
PaPIRs Ultra Wide and Long Distance Detection Type
New product introductions

Motion sensing for street lighting and aisle applications made easy

Panasonic Industry introduces the new PaPIRs Ultra Wide and Long Distance Detection Type
Product notices

Mesh networks as easy as never before

Panasonic Industry and Symbiotech release new Wirepas Mesh Demo Kit for BLE flagship module PAN1780, allowing IoT applications a groundbreakingly flexible setup of mesh networks
InfoHub PR
Service and trainings

Panasonic Industry InfoHub – useful links and downloads for automation devices and solutions

With the all-new InfoHub, Panasonic Industry launched a free online portal that contains programming libraries, documentation, and downloads
Powertools EY1DD2
New product introductions

Precision and versatility in one cordless drill & driver for professional use

Panasonic presents the new EY1DD2 cordless drill & driver for a wide range of applications
Electronic Materials
Product notices

Joint Research on ultra-light EMC shielding material development with JAXA*

Panasonic is developing a new ultra-light EMC shielding material with a weight of only 1/270 of the bulk density of aluminum
Events and trade shows

Isolation monitoring and HV measurement with MOSFET relays in advanced BMS

Chaithra Bhat Beedubail from Panasonic Industry Europe speaks during this year’s EEHE conference in Essen