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Panasonic Industry releases 300VAC rated Safety Class Y2/X1 Film Caps

ECQUB series enables designs of high safety and high reliability
capacitors polymer poscap TPS TPSF TQS teaser

Panasonic Industry Europe presents new compact TPS series capacitors

Long lifespan and large capacitance values for applications like wearables or notebooks

Smaller size of ZS-Series

High capacitance and ripple current ratings series, is suitable for miniaturized trend


Wirtschaftsforum Interview with President Spatz

This Week's Wirtschaftsforum Top Story
news SP-Cap Polymer Capacitor

Focus on superior SP-Cap Polymer Capacitor technology

The latest SP-Cap innovations from Panasonic Industry are likely to become the new flagship of „Super Low“.
Panasonic Industry IoT Solution Module

Cooperation in smart IoT modules for smart applications

Low-Power Wireless Multi-Sensor Edge-Intelligence Modules Address Smart Factory, Smart Home and Smart Life Solutions

capacitor hybrid ZF press

New polymer hybrid capacitors: the ZF series

New low ESR and high ripple current capacitor series is fully AEC-Q200 compliant
wireless-connectivity app

New App for wireless modules: Connected by Panasonic Industry

The Connected by Panasonic Industry app works with and informs about Panasonic’s wireless connectivity modules

Resistor ERJU News Teaser

New Anti-Sulfurated Thick Film Chip Resistors ERJU-RD

Panasonic Industry expands its robust ERJU resistor series with a low TCR model
capacitor lytic smd fn news

FN series offers small design and is AEC-Q200 compliant.

Low ESR standardized FN capacitor series offers small design and high capacitance. Designed for harsh industrial environment.AEC-Q200 compliant.
lithium_category_whitepaper lithium.jpg

White Paper - Lithium primary battery characteristics comparison

Our whitepaper gives an overview about requirements and characteristics of current Lithium technologies.
Wireless PAN1780 Bluetooth Low Energy

PAN1780 - New high-performance Bluetooth® 5.0 Low Energy module

Newly developed long range Bluetooth® 5.0 module PAN1780 for IIoT and Smart Home applications.