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Sensors for Factory Automation

Dive into our large sensor portfolio which ranges from optical, laser to pressure and flow sensors.
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IO-Link sensors

Thanks to the IO-Link technology, the sensors can be optimally integrated into every network.

Fiber amplifiers

Sensors equipped with fiber optical cables. Small and special sensor heads, optimal for limited & difficult environments.


Optical fibers of various types. Needs to be combined with a fiber amplifier.

Inductive sensors

Inductive sensors to detect metal (iron, steel) from a distance of 1 to 10mm.

Pressure sensors

Sensors to measure pressure of gases or liquids.

Flow sensors

Sensors to measure flow of gases or liquids.

Particular use sensors

Sensors for special applications in the wafer production, fluid and leakage detection in the semiconductor industry.

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Customization of automation products

We offer solutions that provide true customer value and superior competitive advantages.
New Short Form Sensors for  Factory Automation

New Short Form Sensors for Factory Automation

Get an overview of our wide range of high-quality sensors for Factory Automation.
Panasonic Academy

Panasonic Academy

We offer tailor made trainings for every state of knowledge and for every need: inhouse-, online- or pay-as-you-go seminars.
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3 Year Warranty

We will offer a 3-year warranty for many automation products.